Kate MacCord | Arizona State University

Kate’s research interests lie in using historical and philosophical analyses to better understand developmental biology throughout the 20th century (including especially the concepts of differentiation and morphogenesis), teeth as a model system, and developmental evolution. Her work uses an historical lens to understand the practices and epistemology of biological research.

John Furfey | Marine Biological Laboratory

John Furfey is the contact for questions or issues regarding remote access to electronic resources and the content of the MBL Library’s website. John offers support for citation and bibliographic management and operates the systems tracking the research output of the Woods Hole scientific community. John can address questions regarding impact factors and altmetrics. John is the Library liaison to the MBL Bay Paul Center.

Erick Peirson | Arizona State University

Erick Peirson is a postdoctoral research associate in the Laubichler Lab at ASU, head of research in the ASU Digital Innovation Group, and a software developer for A Place Called Up Consulting, LLC. As a historian, Erick studies the conceptual and epistemological evolution of 20th-century ecology, with an emphasis on ecological genetics and British agriculture. As a developer and data scientist, he is interested in generating strategies and tools to document and analyze historical processes in a computational framework.

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