Zoology 1962

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1962 Zoology


Name Role Affiliation URI
David C Grant Assistant
  • Yale University
James Scott Mcdaniel Assistant
  • University Of Oklahoma
F A Brown, Jr Consultant
  • Northwestern University
Libbie Henrietta Hyman Consultant
  • American Museum Of Natural History
Alfred C Redfield Consultant
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Clark P Read Instructor
  • Rice University
Roger Dawson Milkman Instructor
  • Syracuse University
Jame Case Instructor
  • State University Of Iowa
John Maxwell Anderson Instructor
  • Cornell University
Richard C Sanborn Instructor
  • Purdue University
Gilbert F Gwilliam Instructor
  • Reed College
W D Russell Hunter Instructor
  • University Of Glasgow
Robert S Eisenberg Student
  • Harvard University
Mary Jane West Student
  • University Of Michigan
Laura Chunosoff Student
  • New York University
Carol Ann Grinager Student
  • Wilson College
Grace Lehman Student
  • Drew University
Roger Dean Farley Student
  • State University Of Iowa
Charles Daniels, Jr Student
  • Fairfield University
Helen Ghiradella Student
  • Cornell University
Robert Philibert Student
  • University Of Missouri
Faith Gray Student
  • Chatham College
James Melvin Freed Student
  • University Of Illinois
Howard Gillary Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Ann Gale Student
  • Rockefeller Institute
George Gorman Student
  • Cornell University
Stephen C Brown Student
  • George Washington University
William Einar Gall Student
  • Hamilton College
David Mccoy Student
  • University Of Iowa
Jon Stanley Student
  • University Of Missouri
Judith Newman Student
  • Dalhousie University
Edward Haskins Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Charles Hardy Student
  • Cornell University
D Christine Nauman Student
  • University Of Michigan
Gilbert Shibley Student
  • University Of Oregon
Sherwood Schearer Student
  • Lafayette College
Kathleen Terrell Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Jessie Levine Student
  • Mcmaster University
James Farris Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
John Kyrk Student
  • Syracuse University
Hani Battikh Student
  • Iowa State University
Raghunath Virkar Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Nancy Pianfetti Student
  • Purdue University
Lewis Greenwald Student
  • Syracuse University
Kathleen Petersen Student
  • Syracuse University
Fred A Diehl Student
  • Western Reserve University
Sister M Roasarii Schmeer Student
  • University Of Notre Dame
Dorothea Caskey Student
  • University Of Arizona
Dorothy Merrill Student
  • University Of Michigan
Gayle Tryon Student
  • Cornell University
50 total attendees representing 36 institutions.

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