Microinjection Techniques In Cell Biology 2000

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2000 Microinjection Techniques In Cell Biology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Douglas Kline Director
  • Kent State University
Eric Shelden Director
  • University Of Michigan
Robert B Silver Director
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Susan Wilson Director
  • Cornell University
Suzanne Klaessig Director
  • Cornell University
Catherine Combelles Student
  • Tufts University
Claire Harwood Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Akiko Okusu Student
  • Harvard University
Joanna Gilbert Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Randall Widelitz Student
  • University Of Southern California
Ibrahim Hawash Student
  • Purdue University
Daryl Davies Student
  • University Of Southern California
Lily Dong Student
  • Unt Health Science Center
Charles Howe Student
  • Stanford University
Eunduck Kay Student
  • Doheny Eye Institute
Peter Von Dassow Student
  • Scripps Institution Of Oceanography
Hong Ngan Nguyen Student
  • University Of Louisiana Lafayette
Wayne Caswell Student
  • Lahey Clinic
Susan Kline-Smith Student
  • Indiana University
Dawn Gundersen-Rindal Student
  • U S Department Of Agriculture
Ryan Cabot Student
  • University Of Missouri
Jennifer Macdonald Student
  • Medical University Of South Carolina
Jin Yang Student
  • Duke University Hhmi
Bradley Webb Student
  • Queens University
Fabiana Geraci Student
  • University Of Palermo
Roy Miller Teaching Assistant
  • Kent State University
26 total attendees representing 23 institutions.

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