Molecular Mycology: Current Approaches To Fungal Pathogenesis 2000

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2000 Molecular Mycology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Sam Martin Course Assistant
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
John Jr Edwards Director
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
Judith Rhodes Faculty
  • University Of Cincinnati Medical Center
Joseph Heitman Faculty
  • Duke University Medical Center
Theodore White Faculty
  • Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
Scott Filler Faculty
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
Thomas Kozel Lecturer
  • University Of Nevada School Of Medicine
Stuart Levitz Lecturer
  • Boston University
Gerald Fink Lecturer
  • Whitehead Institute
Stewart Scherer Lecturer
  • Rosetta Inpharmatics
Melanie Cushion Lecturer
  • University Of Cincinnati
Tamara Doering Lecturer
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Cheryl Quinn Lecturer
  • Pharmacia And Upjohn
June Kwon-Chung Lecturer
  • National Institutes Of Health
Beatrice Magee Lecturer
  • University Of Minnesota
John Puziss Lecturer
  • Proteome Inc
Carol Munro Student
  • University Of Aberdeen
David Askew Student
  • University Of Cincinnati
Pieternella Mol Student
  • University Of Amsterdam
Sofia Perea Student
  • University Of Texas
Hsiu Jung Lo Student
  • National Health Research Institutes
Julie Wasylnka Student
  • Simon Fraser University
Brad Spellberg Student
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
Kurt Toenjes Student
  • University Of Vermont
Susan Francis Student
  • University Of Washington
Ashraf Ibrahim Student
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
W Lena Austin Student
  • Howard University
Ian Burr Student
  • Pfizer Central Research
Frans Hochstenbach Student
  • University Of Amsterdam
Jill Blankenship Student
  • Duke University
Elisabetta Spreghini Student
  • Yale University
Klaus Lengeler Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University Medical Center
Douglas Johnston Teaching Assistant
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
Michelle Flenniken Teaching Assistant
  • Montana State University
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