Molecular Mycology: Current Approaches To Fungal Pathogenesis 2004

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2004 Molecular Mycology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Max Mitchell Course Assistant
Wendy Rafkin Course Coordinator
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
Aaron Mitchell Course Director
  • Columbia University
John Jr Edwards Course Director
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
Paul Fidel Faculty
  • Louisiana State University
Judith Rhodes Faculty
  • University Of Cincinnati
Frank Odds Faculty
  • University Of Aberdeen
Axel Brakhage Faculty
  • University Of Hannover
Dana Davis Faculty
  • University Of Minnesota
Paul Magee Faculty
  • University Of Minnesota
Haoping Liu Faculty
  • University Of California Irvine
Joseph Heitman Faculty
  • Duke University
John Perfect Faculty
  • Duke University Medical Center
Michael Yeaman Faculty
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
Theodore White Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Scott Filler Faculty
  • Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute At Harbor Ucla
Tamara Doering Lecturer
  • Washington University Medical School
Jennifer Lodge Lecturer
  • Saint Louis University
James Konopka Lecturer
  • State University Of New York
Maria Mayorga Lecturer
  • Microbia Inc
Julian Rutherford Student
  • University Of Utah
Jennifer Reedy Student
  • Duke University
Stefan Galuska Student
  • Merck Research Laboratories
Glen Palmer Student
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Helene Tournu Student
  • Flanders Interuniverity Institute For Biotechnology
Eric Tarcha Student
  • Medical College Of Ohio
Charles Martin Student
  • Rutgers University
Yajuan Liu Student
  • University Of Washington
Shelley Magill Student
  • Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine
Leona Campbell Student
  • University Of Sydney
Karin Strijbis Student
  • University Of Amsterdam
Robert Cramer Student
  • Colorado State University
Emma Robertson Student
  • University Of Southern Denmark
Darius Armstrong-James Student
  • Imperial College London
John Shea Student
  • Medical University Of South Carolina
Stephanie Diezmann Student
  • Duke University Medical Center
Gillian Olson Student
  • Tulane University Medical Center
Adrienne Bambach Student
  • Georgetown University
Xiaorong Lin Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University
Jacob Boysen Teaching Assistant
  • Columbia University
Peter Silver Teaching Assistant
  • Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
Carter Myers Teaching Assistant
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
42 total attendees representing 32 institutions.

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