Physiology 1962

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1962 Physiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
William D Mcelroy Consultant
  • Mccollum Pratt Institute Johns Hopkins University
Merkel H Jacobs Consultant
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Arthur K Parpart Consultant
  • Princeton University
  • Dept Of Biology Princeton University
Albert Szent-Gyorgi Consultant
  • Institute For Muscle Research Marine Biological Laboratory
Philip E Hartman Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
John Woodland Hastings Instructor
  • University Of Illinois
Harlyn O Halvorson Instructor
  • University Of Wisconsin
Jerrard Hurwitz Instructor
  • New York University
Shinya Inoue Instructor
  • Dartmouth Medical School
  • Dartmouth College
Vincent Massey Instructor
  • Sheffield University
A Randolph Sweeney Laboratory Assistant
  • Pomona College
Lawrence B Cohen Student
  • Columbia University
Cornelia Channing Student
  • Radcliffe Graduate School
Alan Rozycki Student
  • Dartmouth Medical School
Judah Rosner Student
  • Yale University
Richard Colby Student
  • University Of California
John Roth Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Ronald Pearlman Student
  • Harvard University
Carol Kepler Student
  • University Of North Carolina
Donald A Glaser Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
William Robinson Student
  • Purdue University
David Greenman Student
  • Purdue University
Harriet Rouse Student
  • St Louis University Medical School
Richard Pannbacker Student
  • Kansas State University
Kwen Sheng Chiang Student
  • Princeton University
Robert Cassens Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Henry Dephillips, Jr Student
  • Northwestern University
Samuel Latt Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Paul German Student
  • Universite Laval
Kenneth Krischer Student
  • University Of Miami
Andree Guindon Student
  • University Of Montreal
Milan Fiala Student
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Manuel Ochoa, Jr Student
  • College Of Physicians And Surgeons
Gerhard Malnic Student
  • University Of Sao Paulo
Anatol Eberhard Student
  • Harvard University
Lila Williams Student
  • Yale University
Aivars Stasko Student
  • University Of Toronto
Joseph Yourno Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Lincoln E Ford Student
  • University Of Rochester
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