Physiology 1964

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1964 Physiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
William D Mcelroy Consultant
  • Mccollum Pratt Institute Johns Hopkins University
  • Johns Hopkins University
Merkel H Jacobs Consultant
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Arthur K Parpart Consultant
  • Princeton University
Albert Szent-Gyorgi Consultant
  • Institute For Muscle Research Marine Biological Laboratory
Hans L Kornberg Instructor
  • Leicester University
Edward A Adelberg Instructor
  • Yale University
  • Department Of Microbiology Yale University
Ken E Van Holde Instructor
  • University Of Illinois
John Woodland Hastings Instructor
  • University Of Illinois
Harlyn O Halvorson Instructor
  • University Of Wisconsin
William F Harrington Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
Fred Karush Instructor
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Shinya Inoue Instructor
  • Dartmouth Medical School
  • Dartmouth College
Carolyn Eberhard Laboratory Assistant
  • University Of California Berkeley
George Wm Kissil Laboratory Assistant
  • University Of Wisconsin
Robert Mills Carolan Student
  • Dartmouth Medical School
Michael Peter Biber Student
  • University Of Chicago Medical School
Raymond Leland Ward Student
  • University Of California Livermore
Arthur Stanley Rothenstein Student
  • Rutgers University
Anne Nicholson Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine
Harvey Sparks Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Eric S Weinberg Student
  • Rockefeller Institute
Sam Switzer Student
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Kathleen Lois Terrell Student
  • College Of Physicians And Surgeons Columbia University
Lawrence Marshall Gold Student
  • University Of Connecticut
Eric White Student
  • Dartmouth Medical School
Stanley Goodman Elfbaum Student
  • Northwestern University
Stephen David Barbour Student
  • Temple University
Eldad Giberman Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Donna Lynne Hatling Student
  • Columbia University
David Albert Lloyd Student
  • University Of Illinois
James Alan Wechsler Student
  • Yale University
Peter Voorhess Hauschka Student
  • Amherst College
Nessly Coile Craig Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Carolyn Ann Converse Student
  • Brown University
Sister Mary Loretta Terando Student
  • St Louis University
Danute Juras Student
  • Marquette University
Eaton Edward Lattmann Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Joseph Gazith Student
  • Vanderbilt University
John Clive Ward Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Morton Mandel Student
  • Stanford University School Of Medicine
Marilynn Edith Etzler Student
  • Washington University
Peter Haytler Student
  • Ei Dupont De Nemours And Company
Donna Farolino Kubai Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Celia Ester Freda Derazumney Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine
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