Neurobiology 1993

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1993 Neurobiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Ethan Treistman Course Assistant
  • University Of North Carolina
Leonard K Kaczmarek Course Director
  • Yale University School Of Medicine
Irwin B Levitan Course Director
  • Brandeis University
Gary Banker Faculty
  • University Of Virginia
Thomas S Reese Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
  • National Institutes Of Health Ninds
Hana Asmussen Faculty
  • University Of Virginia Medical School
Donald Wigston Faculty
  • Emory University School Of Medicine
Sally Moody Faculty
  • George Washington University
John Marshall Faculty
  • Yale University School Of Medicine
Peter H Reinhart Faculty
  • Duke University Medical Center
Angus Nairn Faculty
  • Rockefeller University
Arlene Chiu Faculty
  • Beckman Research Institute City Of Hope
Bechara Kachar Faculty
  • Ninds
  • Nih
Stephen Jones Faculty
  • Case Western Reserve University
Judith Drazba Faculty
  • Ninds
  • National Institutes Of Health Ninds
  • Nih
Richard Kramer Faculty
  • Columbia University
Richard Horn Faculty
  • Jefferson Medical College
Carolyn Smith Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
Keith Elmslie Faculty
  • Case Western Reserve University
Diane Lipscombe Faculty
  • Brown University
Marina Picciotto Faculty
  • Pasteur Institute
Laura Roman Instructor
  • Yale University
Carl Malanga Student
  • West Virginia University School Of Medicine
Allen Ebens Student
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
James Galagan Student
  • University Of Miami
Kristina Wietasch Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Cynthia Church Student
  • University Of Colorado
Deborah Sodickson Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Kathryn Greene Student
  • Case Western Reserve University
Hidemi Misawa Student
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Institute For Neuroscience
Barbara Hettinger-Smith Student
  • Oregon State University
Heidi Scrable Student
  • University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine
Orian Shirihai Student
  • Technion Israel Institute Of Technology
Richard Kollmar Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
34 total attendees representing 30 institutions.

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