Physiology 1958

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1958 Physiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Merkel H Jacobs Consultant
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Arthur K Parpart Consultant
  • Princeton University
Albert Szent-Gyorgi Consultant
  • Institute For Muscle Research
William D Mcelroy Instructor
  • Department Of Biology
  • Johns Hopkins University
Howard K Schachman Instructor
  • Virus Laboratory University Of California Berkeley
Albert W Frenkel Instructor
  • University Of Minnesota
Donald R Griffin Instructor
  • Harvard University
Bernard D Davis Instructor
  • Harvard Medical School
Francis D Carlson Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
Louis Otero Laboratory Assistant
  • University Of Puerto Rico
Aurele Beaulnes Student
  • University Of Montreal
Paul Elliot Student
  • University Of Michigan
James Franzen Student
  • University Of Illinois
Robert Krause Student
  • Haverford College
Emil Ascheim Student
  • New York University
Richard Novick Student
  • New York University
Robert Gilbert Faust Student
  • Princeton University
Richard M Wylie Student
  • Harvard University
David Axelrod Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Ronald Demovsky Student
  • College Of Medicine University Of Illinois
William Marks Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Robert Haselkorn Student
  • Harvard University
Bart Hoebel Student
  • Rockefeller Institute
Anneliese Cegler Student
  • Marquette University
Robert Cardell, Jr Student
  • University Of Virginia
Victor Ferrans Student
  • Tulane Medical School
Kenneth Hutton Student
  • San Jose State College
Georg Czerlinski Student
  • Max Planck Institute Physikal Chemie
Herbert S Rosenkranz Student
  • Sloan Kettering Institute
Carl Trygstad Student
  • University Of Florida
Roland Rueckert Student
  • Mcardle Memorial Institute University Of Wisconsin
Robert Weisberg Student
  • Harvard College
Joe Lee Griffin Student
  • Princeton University
Edward Goldberg Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Ann Roller Student
  • California Institute Of Technology
Robert Goyer Student
  • St Louis University
Brian Curtis Student
  • University Of Rochester
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