Frontiers In Stem Cells And Regeneration 2013

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2013 Frontiers In Stem Cells And Regeneration


Name Role Affiliation URI
Gloria Perez Course Coordinator
  • Michigan State University
Dorianne Mebane Course Coordinator
  • Mbl
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Jennifer Morgan Course Director
  • Mbl
Gerald Schatten Course Director
  • Pittsburgh Development Center
Diane Carlisle Faculty
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Henk Ten Have Faculty
  • Duquesne University
Jose Garcia-Arraras Faculty
  • University Of Puerto Rico
Charles Easley Faculty
  • Emory University School Of Medicine
Neelakanta Ravindranath Faculty
  • Nih
  • Nichd
Mark Hughes Faculty
  • Genesis Genetics Institute
Ken Muneoka Faculty
  • Tulane University
David Gardiner Faculty
  • University Of California
Chad Cowan Faculty
  • Harvard University
Ona Bloom Faculty
  • Feinstein Institute For Medical Research
Jan Pruszak Faculty
  • University Of Freiburg
Calvin Simerly Faculty
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Leonard Zon Lecturer
  • Boston Childrenas Hospital
  • Hhmi
Michael Levin Lecturer
  • Tufts University
Kyle Orwig Lecturer
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Chad Cowan Lecturer
  • Harvard University
Mahendra Rao Lecturer
  • Nih
James Monaghan Lecturer
  • Northwestern University
Stephen Voss Lecturer
  • University Of Kentucky
Kenya Ward Student
  • College Of Bahamas
Xin Xin Zeng Student
  • University Of California
Enrique Armijo Student
  • University Of Texas Health Science Center At Houston
Brandon Franklin Student
  • University Of Kentucky
Amanda Butler Student
  • Mayo Clinic
Ria Thomas Student
  • Institute For Anatomy And Cell Biology
Daniela Avila Gonzalez Student
  • Instituto Nacional De Perinatologia
Olga Kashpur Student
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Krista Angileri Student
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Yuanyuan Jiao Student
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Paula Ramos-Silva Student
  • University Of Amsterdam
Vinay Aakalu Student
  • University Of Illinois At Chicago
Labib Rouhana Student
  • University Of Illinois At Urbana Champaign
Hanna Valli Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Anne Phan Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California
Max Friesen Teaching Assistant
  • Harvard University
Becki Campanaro Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Paige Herman Teaching Assistant
  • Feinstein Institute For Medical Research
Meena Sukhwani Teaching Assistant
  • Magee Womens Research Institute
Zachary Mceachin Teaching Assistant
  • Georgia Institute Of Technology
  • Emory University
Stephanie Fogerson Teaching Assistant
  • Mbl
44 total attendees representing 34 institutions.

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