Methods In Computational Neuroscience 1993

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1993 Methods In Computational Neuroscience


Name Role Affiliation URI
David Tank Director
  • Atandt Bell Laboratories
David Kleinfeld Director
  • Atandt Bell Laboratories
William Frost Faculty
  • University Of Texas Medical School
Haim Sompolinsky Faculty
  • Hebrew University
John Rinzel Faculty
  • Nih
Michael Stryker Faculty
  • University Of California Medical Center
Kenneth Miller Faculty
  • California Institute Of Technology
John Hopfield Faculty
  • California Institute Of Technology
H Sebastian Seung Faculty
  • Atandt Bell Laboratories
Bill Bialek Faculty
  • Nec Research Institute
David Robinson Faculty
  • Johns Hopkins University
David Mccormick Faculty
  • Yale University School Of Medicine
John E Lisman Faculty
  • Brandeis University
  • University Of Rochester
Bard Ermentrout Faculty
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Idan Segev Faculty
  • Hebrew University
Roger Traub Faculty
  • Ibm Corporation
Joseph Atick Faculty
  • Rockefeller University
Mark Bear Faculty
  • Brown University
Jeff W Lichtman Faculty
  • Washington University
Christof Koch Faculty
  • California Institute Of Technology
Rodney Douglas Faculty
  • Mrc
Karen Sigvardt Faculty
  • University Of California Davis
Nancy Kopell Faculty
  • Boston University
Apostolos Georgopoulos Faculty
  • Va Medical Center
Stephen Kosslyn Faculty
  • Harvard University
Bruce Mcnaughton Faculty
  • University Of Arizona
Charles Gray Faculty
  • Salk Institute
Terrance Kovacs Lab Instructor
  • Atandt Bell Laboratories
Roderick Jensen Lab Instructor
  • Texas Aandm University
Rafael Yuste Lab Instructor
  • Atandt Bell Laboratories
David Golomb Lab Instructor
  • National Institutes Of Health
David Berkowitz Lab Instructor
  • Yale University School Of Medicine
Michael Hines Lab Instructor
  • Duke University Medical Center
Didier Depireux Student
  • University Of Montreal
Richard D Rabbitt Student
  • Washington University
Adam Jacobs Student
  • University Of California Berkeley
Naama Barkai Student
  • Hebrew University
John White Student
  • University Of Iowa
Shan Jiang Student
  • Brown University
Mayank Mehta Student
  • Hebrew University Of Jerusalem
Patricia Di Lorenzo Student
  • Suny Binghamton
Maria Andreu Student
  • Universidad De Alicante
Michael Hucka Student
  • University Of Michigan
Chris Passaglia Student
  • Syracuse University
Chandan Dasgupta Student
  • Indian Institute Of Science
Andrew Hill Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Robert Jacobs Student
  • University Of Rochester
Moshe Rapp Student
  • Hebrew University
Lindsay Hough Student
  • Albany Medical College
Jurgen Klingauf Student
  • Max Planck Institut Fur Biophysikalische Chemie
Thorsteinn Rognvaldsson Student
  • Lunds Universitet
Brian Colder Student
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Partha Mitra Student
  • Harvard University
Victoria Booth Student
  • Northwestern University
Kevin Martin Student
  • University Of North Carolina
Jesper Tegner Student
  • Karolinska Institute
Yang Dan Student
  • Columbia University
57 total attendees representing 44 institutions.

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