Biology Of Parasitism: Modern Approaches 2003

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2003 Biology Of Parasitism


Name Role Affiliation URI
Anna Plourde Course Assistant
  • University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Patrick Bridegam Course Assistant
  • Texas Aandm University
Jay Bangs Course Director
  • University Of Wisconsin
Anthony Sinai Faculty
  • University Of Kentucky
Barbara Burleigh Faculty
  • Harvard University
Keith Matthews Faculty
  • University Of Manchester
Rick Tarleton Faculty
  • University Of Georgia
Richard Grencis Faculty
  • University Of Manchester
Pradip Rathod Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Geoff Mcfadden Faculty
  • University Of Melbourne
Kasturi Haldar Lecturer
  • Northwestern University
Steven Reiner Lecturer
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Malcolm Mcconville Lecturer
  • University Of Melbourne
Samuel Stanley Lecturer
  • Washington University
Meg Phillips Lecturer
  • University Of Texas Southwestern
Patricia Johnson Lecturer
  • Ucla
Boris Striepen Lecturer
  • University Of Georgia
Kirk Deitsch Lecturer
  • Cornell Medical School
Thomas Nutman Lecturer
  • Nih
Artur Scherf Lecturer
  • Institut Pasteur
Gary Ward Lecturer
  • University Of Vermont
Vern Carruthers Lecturer
  • Johns Hopkins University
Robert Menard Lecturer
  • Pasteur Institute
Daniel Goldberg Lecturer
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
  • Hhmi
Anthony James Lecturer
  • University Of California Irvine
Alan Cowman Lecturer
  • Walter And Eliza Hall Institute
Anthony Holder Lecturer
  • National Institute For Medical Research
Hugo Lujan Lecturer
  • National University Of Cordoba
William Goldman Lecturer
  • Washington University
Thomas Wynn Lecturer
  • Nih
Eleanor Riley Lecturer
  • London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Med
Stephen Beverley Lecturer
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Paul Garside Lecturer
  • University Of Glasgow
Alan Sher Lecturer
  • National Institutes Of Health
Isabel Roditi Lecturer
  • Institute Of Cell Biology
Gloria Rudenko Lecturer
  • University Of Oxford
David Roos Lecturer
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Marshall Lightowlers Lecturer
  • University Of Melbourne
Paul T. Englund Lecturer
  • Johns Hopkins Medical School
Alexander Best Student
  • Darmstadt University Of Technology
Maria Albareda Student
  • Instituto Nacional De Parasitologia
Nicholas Malmquist Student
  • Ut Southwestern Medical Center Dallas
Joe Dunn Student
  • Stanford University
Qian Wang Student
  • New York University Medical Center
Krystal Evans Student
  • Walter And Eliza Hall Institute Of Medical Research
Louise Ellis Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Laura Cliffe Student
  • University Of Manchester
Sara Prickett Student
  • University Of London
Giel Van Dooren Student
  • University Of Melbourne
Laura Del Rio Student
  • Cornell University
Jennifer Palenchar Student
  • University Of Delaware
Kshitiz Chaudhary Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Juliana Figueiredo Student
  • Laboratoria De Glycobiologia
Yusuf Omosun Student
  • University Of Ibadan
George Punkosdy Student
  • Centers For Disease Control And Prevention
Diana Martin Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Georgia
John White Teaching Assistant
  • Boston University
  • University Of Washington
Stuart Ralph Teaching Assistant
  • Pasteur Institute
Robert Molestina Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Kentucky
Karthikeyan Ganesan Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Washington
Lei Jiang Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Washington
Joanne Pennock Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Manchester
Adam Mott Teaching Assistant
  • Harvard School Of Public Health
Amy Gruszynski Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Wisconsin Madison
Frederick Vandeursen Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Manchester
65 total attendees representing 48 institutions.

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