Microbial Diversity 2013

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Year Course Group
2013 Microbial Diversity


Name Role Affiliation URI
Anh Vinh Nguyen Course Assistant
  • Cornell University
Ashley Campbell Course Coordinator
  • Cornell University
Daniel Buckley Course Director
  • Cornell University
Stephen Zinder Course Director
  • Cornell University
Jeorg Overmann Faculty
  • Dsmz
Suzanna Brauer Faculty
  • Appalachian State University
Libusha Kelly Faculty
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Lars Angenent Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Jared Leadbetter Lecturer
  • California Institute Of Technology
Norman Pace Lecturer
  • University Of Colorado
Ruth Ley Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Rolf Thauer Lecturer
  • Max Planck Institute For Terrestrial Microbiology
Anton Post Lecturer
  • Mbl
Donald Bryant Lecturer
  • Pennsylvania State University
Robert Blankenship Lecturer
  • Washington University In St Louis
Derek Lovley Lecturer
  • University Of Massachusetts
Johannes Kuenen Lecturer
  • Delft University Of Technology
Sheri Simmons Lecturer
  • Mbl
John Archibald Lecturer
  • Dalhousie University
George Otoole Lecturer
  • Dartmouth Medical School
Andreas Teske Lecturer
  • University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Laura Katz Lecturer
  • Smith College
Martin Polz Lecturer
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Esther Angert Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Julie Huber Lecturer
  • Mbl
Roberto Kolter Lecturer
  • Harvard Medical School
Marek Basler Lecturer
  • Harvard University
Andrew Czaja Lecturer
  • University Of Cincinnati
Paul Turner Lecturer
  • Yale University
Mitchell L. Sogin Lecturer
  • Mbl
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Tingting Yang Student
  • University Of North Carolina
Yosmina Tapilatu Student
  • Ambon Marine Life Conservation Unit A Lipi
Jessica Blanton Student
  • University Of California
Christa Heyward Student
  • Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia
Caroline Buckner Student
  • Uncw Center For Marine Science
Prince Mathai Student
  • Marquette University
Pamela Weisenhorn Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Cajetan Neubauer Student
  • California Institute Of Technology
Emily Cardarelli Student
  • Stanford University
Diego Giao Garcia Student
  • Aarhus University
Dishari Mukherjee Student
  • Michigan State University
Piotr Starnawski Student
  • Aarhus University
Reut Sorek Abramovich Student
  • University Of New South Wales
Lorena Rangel Student
  • University Of California
Teraya Donaldson Student
  • University Of Richmond
Scott Saleska Student
  • University Of Arizona
Ederson Jesus Student
  • Embrapa
Luz Puentes Jacome Student
  • University Of Toronto
Nadine Kotlarz Student
  • University Of Michigan
Gleb Pishchany Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Erin Eggleston Teaching Assistant
  • Cornell University
Sara Kleindienst Teaching Assistant
  • Max Planck Institute
Mallory Choudoir Teaching Assistant
  • Cornell University
Chuck Pepe-Ranney Teaching Assistant
  • Colorado School Of Mines
Verena Salman Teaching Assistant
  • Max Planck Institute For Marine Microbiology
55 total attendees representing 40 institutions.

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