Physiology 1919

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1919 Physiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Ralph Stayner Lillie Instructor
  • Clark University
Frank P Knowlton Instructor
  • Syracuse University
Arthur R Moore Instructor
  • Rutgers College
Bruce M Harrison Student
  • Iowa State College
Kathleen S Maccarthy Student
  • Hunter College
George F Sykes Student
  • Oregon Agricultural College
David Brunswick Student
  • Harvard Medical School
James Gutmann Student
  • Columbia University
James M Strang Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
John P Eisenberger Student
  • University Of Buffalo
Catherine W Okey Student
  • Western College For Women
Margaret B Gutman Student
  • Smith College
Helen R Hosmer Student
Margaret V Morton Student
  • Bryn Mawr College
George W Jamison Student
  • Franklin And Marshall College
Sterling D Spero Student
  • Columbia University
Hisatake Dzushi Student
  • Amherst College
William V Silverberg Student
  • Columbia University
Isabella M Clinton Student
  • Womans Medical College Of Pennsylvania
Frederick H Howard Student
  • Williams College
20 total attendees representing 17 institutions.

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