Botany 1934

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1934 Botany


Name Role Affiliation URI
Francis Drouet Instructor
  • University Of Missouri
William Randolph Taylor Instructor
  • University Of Michigan
Gerald W Prescott Instructor
  • Albion College
George J Hollenberg Instructor
  • Laverne College
Julius Cohn Student
Margaret A Kershaw Student
  • Wheaton College
Hettie M Chute Student
  • New Jersey College For Women
Dorothy Hirsch Student
  • New York University
Lillian K Krueger Student
  • Scott High School
Margaret F Almstedt Student
  • University Of Missouri
Cedric B Davidheiser Student
  • Swarthmore College
Arlo I Smith Student
  • Northwestern University
Karl R Johnson Student
Dorothy H Sielke Student
  • Hunter College
Sara R Stewart Student
  • Wellesley College
Aaron A Cohen Student
  • Harvard University
Thora M Plitt Student
  • Vassar College
17 total attendees representing 14 institutions.

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