Physiology 1953

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1953 Physiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Otto C Loewi Consultant
  • New York University School Of Medicine
Merkel H Jacobs Consultant
  • University Of Pennsylvania
E S Guzman Barron Consultant
  • University Of Chicago
Arthur K Parpart Consultant
  • Princeton University
  • Dept Of Biology Princeton University
Albert Szent-Gyorgi Consultant
  • Institute For Muscle Research
Andrew Szent-Gyorgi Instructor
  • Institute For Muscle Research
Michael Doudoroff Instructor
  • University Of California
Roger Y Stanier Instructor
  • University Of California Berkeley
  • University Of California
George Higgins Wald Instructor
  • Harvard University
  • Biological Laboratories
Stephen W Kuffler Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
Max A Lauffer Instructor
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Daniel Mazia Instructor
  • University Of California
Henry B Steinbach Instructor
  • University Of Minnesota
Paul C Bernstein Laboratory Assistant
  • Washington University Department Of Zoology
David Geller Student
  • Harvard University
Martin Roeder Student
  • University Of North Carolina
Alvin Rieck Student
  • Marquette University
Jay Mann Student
  • Brooklyn College
Mark Straus Student
Frank M Child Student
  • Amherst College
David D Potter Student
  • Harvard University
Arthur Brill Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Sister Francis Solano Student
  • Nazareth College
Kenneth Mills Student
  • University Of Texas
Elsa Gonzalez Student
  • Columbia University
Thomas Bibring Student
  • Stanford University
Robert Wolbach Student
  • Cornell University School Of Medicine
Jerome Kowal Student
  • Johns Hopkins Medical School
Edward Behrman Student
  • University Of California
Ellen Celia Roter Student
  • University Of Illinois
Harriet Harvey Student
  • University Of Oklahoma
Rose Litman Student
  • Indiana University
Henri Febvre Student
  • Rockefeller Institute
Richard Birks Student
  • Mcgill University
Victoria Theophilus Student
  • Vassar College
Howard A Scheiderman Student
  • Cornell University
David Leventhal Student
  • University Of Illinois
Joseph David Harris Student
  • Purdue University
Alex Haggis Student
  • University Of Rochester
Richard Bakemeier Student
  • University Of Rochester
Hanna Rothschild Student
  • University Of Sao Paulo
Francis Lambert Student
  • Harvard University
Joseph Cascarano Student
  • New York University
Stanley Rapoport Student
  • Princeton University
John M Olson Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
45 total attendees representing 35 institutions.

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