Basic Workshop On Recombinant Dna Methodology 1992

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1992 Workshop On Recombinant Dna Methodology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Greg Leppert Instructor
  • Exon Intron Inc
Robert Farrell Instructor
  • Exon Intron Inc
Charles Vaslet Instructor
  • Cav Consulting
Gary Schneider Student
  • Loyola University Medical School
Jacob Sznajder Student
  • Humana Hospital Michael Reese
Isabel Baanante Student
  • University Of Barcelona
Lotta Chi Student
  • Cp Li Biomedical Research Corp
Michael Tytell Student
  • Bowman Gray School Of Medicine
  • Bowman Gray School Of Medicine Wake Forest University
Annie Pardo Student
  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma
Zhaohiu Yang Student
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Earl H Weidner Student
  • Louisiana State University
Dean Schraufnagel Student
  • University Of Illinois
Meredith Hullar Student
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Judith Grassle Student
  • Rutgers University
Connie Hart Student
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
David Beggs Student
  • Northern Ireland Horticultural And Plant Breeding Station
Tim Mukoda Student
  • United State Air Force
Lewis Gawtry Tilney Student
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Alan Kuzirian Student
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Daniel Johnson Student
  • Bowman Gray School Of Medicine
Thomas A Borgese Student
  • City University Of New York
  • Lehman College Cuny
21 total attendees representing 18 institutions.

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