Workshop On Molecular Evolution 2012

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2012 Workshop On Molecular Evolution


Name Role Affiliation URI
Zachary Soule Course Assistant
  • Harvard College
David Hillis Course Director
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Mitchell L. Sogin Course Director
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Peter Beerli Faculty
  • Florida State University
Antonis Rokas Faculty
  • Vanderbilt University
Mark Holder Faculty
  • University Of Kansas
William Pearson Faculty
  • University Of Virginia
Scott Edwards Faculty
  • Harvard University
Casey Dunn Faculty
  • Brown University
Paul Lewis Faculty
  • University Of Connecticut
John Huelsenbeck Faculty
  • University Of California
Tracy Heath Faculty
  • University Of California
Laura Kubatko Faculty
  • Ohio State University
David Swofford Faculty
  • Duke University
Joseph Felsenstein Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Harold Zakon Faculty
  • University Of Texas
Joseph Bielawski Faculty
  • Dalhousie University
Derrick Zwickl Faculty
  • University Of Arizona
Sara Sawyer Faculty
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Ismail Saglam Student
  • Hacettepe University
Lauren Spitz Student
  • Rutgers University
Fiona Whelan Student
  • Mcmaster University
Benjamin Liebeskind Student
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Moises Bernal Student
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Corine Schoebel Student
  • Swiss Federal Institute Of Forest
Olivia Nigro Student
  • University Of Hawaii At Manoa
April Wright Student
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Michael Palopoli Student
  • Bowdoin College
Eli Rodgers-Melnick Student
  • West Virginia University
Chintan Modi Student
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Patricia Cabezas Student
  • Brigham Young University
Philip Chan Student
  • Brown University
Barret Phillips Student
  • University Of Southern California
Derrick Mathias Student
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health
Susan Brawley Student
  • University Of Maine
Paulo Chaves Student
  • New York University
Jamie Henzy Student
  • Boston College
Ammon Thompson Student
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Robin Jones Student
  • University Of Kansas
Sheri Skerget Student
  • Arizona State University
Candice Heath Student
  • University Of Queensland
Chris Nasrallah Student
  • University Of California
Alexander Bradley Student
  • Harvard University
Mindi Summers Student
  • Scripps Institution Of Oceanography
Paul Converse Student
  • Ohio University
Feng Gao Student
  • Smith College
Benjamin Price Student
  • University Of Connecticut
William Diehl Student
  • Boston College
Matthew Barber Student
  • University Of Utah
Katherine Hubbard Student
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Meghan Powers Student
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Patricia Soria Student
  • Vanderbilt University
Maria Sanin Student
  • Universidad Nacional De Colombia
Therese Catanach Student
  • University Of Illinois At Urbana Champaign
Linnea Smeds Student
  • Uppsala University
Matteo Montagna Student
  • University Of Milan
Kahraman Ipekdal Student
  • Ahi Evran University
Rami Kantor Student
  • Brown University
Laurent Frantz Student
  • Wageningen University
Paul Rowley Student
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Thomas Mcgreevy Student
  • Boston University
Daniel Blanco Melo Student
  • Rockefeller University
Alexei Evsikov Student
  • University Of South Florida
Trent Leslie Student
  • University Of Cincinnati
Ana Carolina Padovan Student
  • Unifesp A Federal University Of Sao Paulo
Crista Burke Wadsworth Student
  • Tufts University
Emilyclare Baker Student
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute
Juan Ortiz Student
  • University Of Wyoming
David Rodriguez Student
  • Cornell University
Phataraporn Khumphai Student
  • Australian National University
Dustin Mayfield Student
  • University Of Missouri Columbia
Tami Lieberman Student
  • Harvard University
Mee Poh Student
  • Centers For Disease Control And Prevention
Terra Hiebert Student
  • Oregon Institute For Marine Biology
Jessica Ricci Student
  • California Institute Of Technology
Kanya Long Student
  • University Of California
Finlay Maguire Student
  • Natural History Museum
Arun Kumar K P Student
  • Centre For Dna Fingerprinting And Diagnostics
Conor Meehan Teaching Assistant
  • Dalhousie University
Jeet Sukumaran Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University
Nicholas Meyerson Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Emily Jane Mctavish Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Texas At Austin
82 total attendees representing 60 institutions.

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