Experimental Invertebrate Zoology 1972

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1972 Experimental Invertebrate Zoology


Name Role Affiliation URI
John Cornell Assistant
  • University Of California Berkeley
K Flessa Assistant
  • State University Of New York Stony Brook
James F Case Consultant
  • University Of California
  • University Of California Santa Barbara
W D Russell Hunter Consultant
  • Syracuse University
Clark P Read Consultant
  • Rice University
F A Brown, Jr Consultant
  • Northwestern University
Alfred C Redfield Consultant
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Clifford Ladd Prosser Consultant
  • University Of Illinois
Robert K Josephson Instructor
  • University Of California Irvine
  • University Of California
Joseph Brian Jennings Instructor
  • University Of Leeds
Charlotte Preston Mangum Instructor
  • College Of William And Mary
Alan Gelperin Instructor
  • Princeton University
Ralph G Johnson Instructor
  • University Of Chicago
Michael John Greenberg Instructor
  • Florida State University
Steven S Vogel Instructor
  • Duke University
Thomas J M Schopf Instructor
  • University Of Chicago
James G Morin Instructor
  • University Of California
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Audrey E V Haschemeyer Special Lecturer
  • Hunter College
  • Hunter College City University Of New York
A V Farmanfarmaian Special Lecturer
  • Rutgers University
Normanb Rushforth Special Lecturer
  • Case Western Reserve University
Michael I Mote Special Lecturer
  • Temple University
G Holz Special Lecturer
  • Upstate Medical Center
Deforest Jr Mellon Special Lecturer
  • University Of Virginia
Mary Hilfiker Student
  • University Of Maryland
Donald Battles Student
  • College Of William And Mary
Sheryl Scott Student
  • Yale University
Michael Deniro Student
  • University Of West Indies
David Bell Student
  • Princeton University
Gerard Hough Student
  • Siena College
Carla Bloedel Student
  • Vanderbilt University School Of Medicine
Wolfgang Otto Friesen Student
  • University Of California San Diego
Maggie Seeley Student
  • University Of California San Diego
Brian D Keller Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Lincoln Fairchild Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Clayton Perry Student
  • Swarthmore College
Duen Yen Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
David Michael Senseman Student
  • Princeton University
Jan Robert Factor Student
  • Brooklyn College
Carol Ely Student
  • Wilson College
Dennis J Murphy Student
  • University Of Maryland
Nitza Cintron Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico
Pamela Gunter Student
  • Spelman College
Elaine Costello Student
  • Drew University
William Morgan Student
  • Wake Forest University
Robert Pace Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Paula Faye Dehn Student
  • De Pauw University
Rachel Skvirsky Student
  • Oberlin College
Christine Mcdermott Student
  • University Of Tennessee
Jeffrey Laskin Student
  • New York University
Helena Stuler Student
  • Rice University
Dave Forsythe Student
  • Princeton University
Carol Dawn Berry Student
  • Goddard College
Didi Robins Student
  • Yale University
Edward Brechnock Student
  • University Of Hawaii
Jeffrey Winfield Student
  • University Of California Santa Barbara
Tom Laethem Student
  • Oakland University
Laverne Ragster Student
  • University Of Miami
Larry Cohen Student
  • Yale University School Of Medicine
Sarah Swank Student
  • University Of Southern California
Wayne Aspey Student
  • Ohio University
Anne Rouse Student
  • University Of Delaware
61 total attendees representing 51 institutions.

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