Experimental Invertebrate Zoology 1970

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1970 Experimental Invertebrate Zoology


Name Role Affiliation URI
W D Russell Hunter Consultant
  • Syracuse University
Clark P Read Consultant
  • Rice University
F A Brown, Jr Consultant
  • Northwestern University
Alfred C Redfield Consultant
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Clifford Ladd Prosser Consultant
  • University Of Illinois
James F Case Instructor
  • University Of California
  • University Of California Santa Barbara
David C Grant Instructor
  • Davidson College
Joseph Brian Jennings Instructor
  • University Of Leeds
  • Department Of Zoology University Of Leeds
Charlotte Preston Mangum Instructor
  • College Of William And Mary
Alan Gelperin Instructor
  • Princeton University
Michael John Greenberg Instructor
  • Florida State University
James G Morin Instructor
  • University Of California
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Jonathan P Green Instructor
  • Division Of Biological And Medical Sciences Brown University
  • Brown University
George A Kahler, Iii Laboratory Assistant
  • Rice University
Roger Conrad Halverson Laboratory Assistant
  • University Of California
  • University Of California Santa Barbara
Eve C Haberfield Laboratory Assistant
  • University Of Rhode Island Kingston
Melbourne Carriker Special Lecturer
  • Systematics Ecology Program Marine Biologyical Laboratory
Clark P Read Special Lecturer
  • Rice University
Timothy H Goldsmith Special Lecturer
  • Yale University
Preston Cloud Special Lecturer
  • Department Of Geology University Of California
Dorothy M Skinner Special Lecturer
  • Biology Division Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Thomas J M Schopf Special Lecturer
  • University Of Chicago
Gilbert F Gwilliam Special Lecturer
  • Reed College
Judith Luborsky Student
  • State University Of New York At Albany
John Burns Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Robert A Lipson Student
  • Columbia University
Karl Bremer Student
  • University Of Notre Dame
Roy Ritzman Student
  • University Of Virginia
Mary Altalo Student
  • Smith College
Frank Lam Student
  • Oberlin College
D Corson, Jr Student
  • College Of William And Mary
Susan N Stillings Student
  • Oberlin College
Lynda Brothers Student
  • University Of Virginia
Joseph Besso, Jr Student
  • University Of Vermont
David Kovacs Student
  • Oregon State University
John Watts, Jr Student
  • Drew University
Paul Stein Student
  • Southern University
Gilbert Snider Student
  • State University Of New York Stony Brook
Stuart Thompson Student
  • University Of Washington
Paul Strong Student
  • Purdue University
Jerome Ranch Student
  • Depauw University
Michael Barish Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Carl Rieke Student
  • Louisiana State University
R Gayle Pittman Student
  • Rice University
Johanna Ferman Student
  • University College Of London
Laura Tosi Student
  • Boston University
Tim Cole Student
  • University Of West Florida
Joyce Tomasello Student
  • Case Western Reserve University
Michael Loftus Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Carl Thurman, Ii Student
  • University Of West Florida
John Parrish, Jr Student
  • Bowling Green State University
Ron Stiller Student
  • Boston University
Karen Williams Student
  • Lynchburg College
Russell Stullken Student
  • Emory University
James Sidie, Jr Student
  • Indiana University
Mark Berman Student
  • Lawrence University
Simon Pickvance Student
  • Cambridge University
Kathy Sweadner Student
  • University Of California Santa Barbara
Arnold G Eversole Student
  • Syracuse University
Helen Blau Student
  • Harvard University
Murdo Macleod Student
  • University Of Glasgow
Barbara Toomey Student
  • Goucher College
Richard W Osman Student
  • Brown University
63 total attendees representing 54 institutions.

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