Biology of Parasitism 2016

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2016 Biology Of Parasitism


Name Role Affiliation URI
Ethan Rogers Course Assistant
  • University Of Vermont
Himani Sharma Course Assistant
  • University Of Vermont
Photini Sinnis Course Director
  • Johns Hopkins School Of Public Health
Gary Ward Course Director
  • University Of Vermont
Wesley Van Voorhis Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Maryse Lebrun Lecturer
  • Umr5235 Cnrs Universite Montpellier
Jay Bangs Lecturer
  • University At Buffalo
Marion Pepper Lecturer
  • University Of Washington
Malcolm Mcconville Lecturer
  • University Of Melbourne
Phillip Scott Lecturer
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Patricia Johnson Lecturer
  • Ucla
Boris Striepen Lecturer
  • University Of Georgia
Rick Tarleton Lecturer
  • University Of Georgia
Kirk Deitsch Lecturer
  • Weill Cornell Medical College
Terrie Taylor Lecturer
  • Michigan State University
Edward Pearce Lecturer
  • Max Planck Institute Of Immunobiology And Epigenetics
Manoj Duraisingh Lecturer
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School Of Public Health
Ross Waller Lecturer
  • University Of Cambridge
Jayne Raper Lecturer
  • Hunter College, City University Of New York
Richard Grencis Lecturer
  • University Of Manchester
Franklin Sher Lecturer
  • National Insitute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases
Upinder Singh Lecturer
  • Stanford University
Alan Sher Lecturer
  • Niaid
Isabel Roditi Lecturer
  • Universitaet Bern
Bassem Allam Lecturer
  • Stony Brook University
Michael Barrett Lecturer
  • University Of Glasgow
Conrad Keating Lecturer
  • Wellcome Unit For The History Of Medicine
Kevin Macaluso Lecturer
  • Louisiana State University School Of Veterinary Medicine
Maria Mota Lecturer
  • Instituto De Medicina Molecular
Tomoyoshi Nozaki Lecturer
  • National Institute Of Infectious Diseases
Audrey Odom Lecturer
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
William Jr Petri Lecturer
  • University Of Virginia
Jason Laurence Rasgon Lecturer
  • The Pennsylvania State University
Ger Van Zandbergen Lecturer
  • Paul-Ehrlich-Institute
David Horn Section Leader
  • University Of Dundee
Christopher Huston Section Leader
  • University Of Vermont
Giel Van Dooren Section Leader
  • Australian National University
Emma Wilson Section Leader
  • University Of California Riverside
Friedrich Frischknecht Section Leader
  • Heidelberg University
Flaminia Catteruccia Section Leader
  • Harvard T.H.Chan School Of Public Health
George Dimopoulos Section Leader
  • Johns Hopkins University
Png Loke Section Leader
  • Nyu School Of Medicine
Lola Fagbami Student
  • Harvard University
Victoria Austin Student
  • Liverpool School Of Tropical Medicine
Hashini Batugedara Student
  • University Of California Riverside
Susana Contreras Student
  • Iib-Intech
Isobel Hambleton Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Aloysus Lawong Student
  • University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Sebastián Miles Student
  • University Of The Republic
Christopher Nosala Student
  • University Of California Davis
Christian Owusu Student
  • Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Duo Peng Student
  • University Of Georgia
Cassan Pulaski Student
  • Louisiana State University School Of Veterinary Medicine
Sudeshna Saha Student
  • Boston College
Lauriane Sollelis Student
  • University Of Montpellier
Luis Tavernelli Student
  • Institute Of Biology Of Rosario -Conicet
Taher Uddin Student
  • University Of Melbourne
Kingsley Badu Student
  • University Of Ghana
Esther Rajendran Teaching Assistant
  • The Australian National University
Danielle Worth Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California Riverside
Jenny Carlson Teaching Assistant
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health
Uma Mahesh Gundra Teaching Assistant
  • New York University School Of Medicine
Md Mahmudul Hasan Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Vermont
Sebastian Hutchinson Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Dundee
Perrine Marcenac Teaching Assistant
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School Of Public Health
Julianne Muthinja Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Heidelberg
Mei San Tang Teaching Assistant
  • New York University School Of Medicine
67 total attendees representing 52 institutions.

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