Analysis of Microbial Population Structures 2016

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2016 Analysis of Microbial Population Structures


Name Role Affiliation URI
Thuy Doan Student
  • University Of California, San Francisco
Sarah Hurley Student
  • Harvard University
Shipra Vaishnava Student
  • Brown University
Janet M Williams Student
  • University Of Idaho
Paul George Student
  • Bangor University
Juan Maestre Student
  • University Of Texas
Maria Regina Cattai De Godoy Student
  • University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
Calixte Monast Student
  • Janssen Research And Development
Noel Mueller Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Michael Rappe Student
  • University Of Hawaii
Lauren Sassoubre Student
  • University At Buffalo (Suny)
Michelle Badri Student
  • New York University
Bianca Brown Student
  • Brown University
Damien Cabral Student
  • Brown University
Ana Giraldo Silva Student
  • Arizona State University
Catherine Girard Student
  • University Of Montreal
Trudi Gulick Student
  • Indigo Agriculture
Samantha Huey Student
  • Cornell University
Natalie Hull Student
  • University Of Collorado Boulder
Kelsey Jesser Student
  • Unc Chapel Hill, Institute Of Marine Sciences
Pan Ji Student
  • Virginia Tech
Keri Kemp Student
  • University Of Georgia
Tzu-wen Liu Student
  • University Of Illinois At Urbana Champaign
Vincent Maffei Student
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orlean
Chloe Marechal Student
  • Nord University
Jamie McDevitt-Irwin Student
  • University Of Victoria
Marina Nieto Caballero Student
  • University Of Colorado Boulder
Sarah Reyes Student
  • Cornell University
Jessica Rivera Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico
Aislinn Rowan Student
  • Brown University
Christopher Stamper Student
  • University Of Colorado Boulder
Saara Suominen Student
  • Royal Netherlands Institute Of Sea Research
Pedro Torres Student
  • San Diego State Uiversity
Elaine Yu Student
  • Cornell University
Kymbat Zhakupova Student
  • National Laboratory Astana
Nathan Morris Student
  • York College/Cuny Grad Center
Renuka Nayak Student
  • University Of California San Francisco
Luke Bainard Student
  • Swift Current Research And Development Centre
Janja Ceh Student
  • Universidad De Antofagasta
Peggy Lai Student
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Athenia Oldham Student
  • University Of Texas Of The Permian Basin
Luis Servin-Garciduenas Student
  • National Laboratory For Ecological Analysis And Synthesis
Florian Breitwieser Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Caitlin Brennan Student
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School Of Public Health
Melissa Dsouza Student
  • University Of Chicago
Eric Edsinger Student
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Isabel Fernández Escapa Student
  • The Forsyth Institute
Roxana Hickey Student
  • University Of Oregon
Kristi Hoffman Student
  • University Of Texas Md Anderson Cancer Center
Ya-ching Hsieh Student
  • Janssen Pharmaceutical Of Johnson And Johnson
Kevin Lee Student
  • Auckland University Of Technology
Sonny Lee Student
  • University Of Chicago
Marcus Leung Student
  • City University Of Hong Kong
Xiaodan Mai Student
  • University At Buffalo, Suny
Shane O'Reilly Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Sung-Yin Yang Student
  • Oist
Yunjiao Zhu Student
  • Icahn School Of Medicient At Mount Sinai
Sarah Knowles Student
  • The Royal Veterinary College
Holly Ganz Student
  • University Of California, Davis
Heidi O'Grady Student
  • Alberta Health Services
Daniela Pignatta Student
  • Indigo Ag
Karen Kalanetra Student
  • University Of California
Kathryn Barger Student
  • Tufts University
Guillaume Jospin Student
  • University Of California Davis
64 total attendees representing 56 institutions.

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