Analytical And Quantitative Light Microscopy 2016

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2016 Analytical And Quantitative Light Microscopy


Name Role Affiliation URI
Stephen Douthwright Course Assistant
  • The Jackson Laboratory For Genomic Medicine
Jagesh Shah Course Director
  • Harvard Medical School
Justin Taraska Course Director
  • National Institutes Of Health
Paul Maddox Faculty
  • Unc-Chapel Hill
Benjamin Atkinson Faculty
  • Intelligent Imaging Innovations
Christopher English Faculty
  • Intelligent Imaging Innovations
John Murray Faculty
  • Indiana University
  • Indian Umiversity
Kenneth Anderson Faculty
  • Biovision
Greenfield Sluder Faculty
  • University Of Massachusetts Medical School
Christine Anderson Faculty
  • Biovision Technologies
Abhishek Kumar Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
Timothy Mitchison Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
Cassandra Rogers Faculty
  • Andor Technology
Nico Stuurman Faculty
  • Ucsf/Hhmi
Andrew Barazia Faculty
  • Intelligent Imaging Innovations
Brian Bodensteiner Faculty
  • Intelligent Imaging Innovations
Butler Boyd Faculty
  • Intelligent Imaging Innovations
Philippe Clemenceau Faculty
  • Axiom Optics
  • Imagine Optic Inc.
Dan Collins Faculty
  • Ge Healthcare
Kimberly Collins Faculty
  • Ge Healthcare
Amber English Faculty
  • Intelligent Imaging Innovations
Leanna Ferrand Faculty
  • Gehc
Thomas Geer Faculty
  • Biovision Technologies Incorporated
Daniel Giardina Faculty
  • Intelligent Imaging Innovations
Paul Goodwin Faculty
  • Ge Healthcare
  • Ge Healthcare, Life Sciences
Peter Kner Faculty
  • University Of Georgia
Trisha Koenke Faculty
  • Gehc
Colin Monks Faculty
  • Intelligent Imaging Innovations
Mariana Potcoava Faculty
  • Intelligent Imaging Innovations
Vincent Renaud Faculty
  • Imagine Optic Inc.
  • Imagine Optic Inc
Edward (Ted) Salmon Faculty
  • Univ. Of North Carolina
Kem Sochacki Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
Kathleen White Faculty
  • Ge Healthcare
Wendy Salmon Lab Manager
  • Whitehead Institute
Robert K Campbell Lecturer
  • University Of Alberta
Thomas Pitta Lecturer
  • Andor Technology
Jason Swedlow Lecturer
  • University Of Dundee
Ellen Arena Lecturer
  • Morgridge Institute For Research
  • University Of Wisconsin - Madison
Jack Fogelberg Lecturer
  • Ge Healthcare Life Sciences
Felice Frankel Lecturer
  • Mit
Amy Jablonski Lecturer
  • Ge Healthcare
  • Ge Healthcare, Life Sciences
Lee Kamentsky Lecturer
  • Broad Institute
Kyle Karhohs Lecturer
  • Broad Institute
Gary Laevsky Lecturer
  • Princeton University
Sarah Locknar Lecturer
  • Omega Optical
David Logan Lecturer
  • Broad Institute Of Mit And Harvard
Edward Rader Lecturer
  • Molecular Devices
Jennifer Ross Lecturer
  • University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Curtis Rueden Lecturer
  • University Of Wisconsin-Madison
James Sims Lecturer
  • Hamamatsu
Nathaniel Peters Student
  • University Of Washington
Zbigniew Mikulski Student
  • La Jolla Institute
Fredrik Wallberg Student
  • The Institute Of Cancer Research
Sylvie Le Guyader Student
  • Karolinska Institutet
Sarah Lundin-Schiller Student
  • Austin Peay State University
Marcel Mettlen Student
  • University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Giancarlo Bruni Student
  • University Of Colorado At Boulder
Apeng Chen Student
  • University Of Oklahoma
Christian Ehrenfels Student
  • Biogen
Yildiz Koca Student
  • Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai
Abraham Kohrman Student
  • Stony Brook University
Ashwathi Mohan Student
  • University Of Texas Southwestern
Mark Rudolf Student
  • University Of Virginia
Gabriella Spitz Student
  • Rockefeller University
Taylor Sulerud Student
  • University Of Wyoming
Zachary Swider Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
John Moss Student
  • Oak Crest Institute Of Science
Omar Ahmed Student
  • Brown University
Amy Bottomley Student
  • University Of Technology Sydney
In Ha Cho Student
  • Dartmouth College
Thaddeus Davenport Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Elisa Ghelfi Student
  • Harvard Th Chan School Of Public Health
Fadwa Joud Student
  • King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology (Kaust)
Emanuele Roscioli Student
  • University Of Warwick
David Scheiblin Student
  • Monell Chemical Senses Center
Efrat Shema Student
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Siddarth Srinivasan Student
  • Harvard University
Aussie Suzuki Student
  • University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Yuan Xue Student
  • Yale University
Wah Ing Goh Student
  • National University Of Singapore
Jordan Briscoe Student
  • The Forsyth Institute
Mike Xie Student
  • Ragon Instittute
Arifa Ahsan Student
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Missy Hazen Student
  • Penn State University
Michael Porter Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Dundee
Rebecca Canter Teaching Assistant
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
John Ciemniecki Teaching Assistant
  • National Institutes Of Health
Joelle Labastide Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Steven Wilbert Teaching Assistant
  • The Forsyth
89 total attendees representing 70 institutions.

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