Biology Of The Inner Ear 2017

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2017 Biology Of The Inner Ear


Name Role Affiliation URI
Philip X. Joris Chief Scientific Course Consultant (formerly Course Section Leader)
  • Ku Leuven
Jennifer Rowsell Course Director
  • Saint Mary's College
Stefan Heller Course Director
  • Stanford University
Paul A. Fuchs Course Director
  • Johns Hopkins University School Of Medic
Gay Holstein Course Lecturer
  • Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai
Catherine Carr Course Lecturer
  • Maryland
Robert Fettiplace Course Lecturer
  • University Of Wisconsin Madison
Ronald R Hoy Course Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Doris Wu Course Lecturer
  • Nidcd
T Aran Mooney Course Lecturer
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst
Peter G. Barr-Gillespie Course Lecturer
  • Oregon Health & Science University
Jeffrey T. Corwin Course Lecturer
  • University Of Virginia, Sch. Of Med.
Nicolas Daudet Course Lecturer
  • University College London
Michael R. Deans Course Lecturer
  • University Of Utah
Andrew K. Groves Course Lecturer
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
Albert J. Hudspeth Course Lecturer
  • Rockefeller University
Karl Kandler Kandler Course Lecturer
Margaret A. Kenna Course Lecturer
  • Boston Children's Hospital
Lawrence R. Lustig Course Lecturer
  • Columbia University Medical Center
Ronald N. Miles Course Lecturer
  • Binghamton University
Suhrud Rajguru Course Lecturer
  • University Of Miami
Lina A. Reiss Course Lecturer
  • Oregon Health & Science University
Richard J. Salvi Course Lecturer
  • Wade J. Sigurdson
Dan Sanes Course Lecturer
Elba Serrano Course Lecturer
  • New Mexico State University
Bryan K. Ward Course Lecturer
  • Johns Hopkins University
Eric D. Young Course Lecturer
  • Johns Hopkins Univ.
Katrina Schrode Research Facilitator
  • Johns Hopkins
TEJBEER KAUR Research Facilitator
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Omar Lopez Ramirez Research Facilitator
  • University Of Chicago
Hsin-Wei Lu Research Facilitator
Nathaniel J. Nowak Research Facilitator
  • Johns Hopkins University
Mirko Scheibinger Research Facilitator
  • Stanford University School Of Medicine
Richard Mooney Scientific Course Consultant
  • Duke University
Amanda Lauer Scientific Course Consultant
Anna Lysakowski Scientific Course Consultant
  • University Of Illinois At Chicago
Lloyd Minor Scientific Course Consultant
  • Stanford School Of Medicine
Ruth Anne Eatock Scientific Course Consultant
  • University Of Chicago
Jonathan F. Ashmore Scientific Course Consultant
  • University College London
Alain Dabdoub Scientific Course Consultant
  • Sunnybrook Research Institute/University Of Toronto
Gwenaelle S. Geleoc Scientific Course Consultant
  • Boston Children's Hospital
Byron H. Hartman Scientific Course Consultant
Ronna P. Hertzano Scientific Course Consultant
  • University Of Maryland School Of Medicine
Matthew W. Kelley Scientific Course Consultant
  • Nih
Katie S. Kindt Scientific Course Consultant
  • Nih
Guy P. RICHARDSON Scientific Course Consultant
  • University Of Sussex
Josef G. Trapani Scientific Course Consultant
  • Amherst College
Bradley J. Walters Scientific Course Consultant
Mark E. Warchol Scientific Course Consultant
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Boero Luis Student
  • Ingebi
Casey Graham Student
  • University Of Mississippi Medical Center
Chiereghin Chiara Student
  • Humanitas Clinical And Research Center
Garrett Tavita Student
  • Oregon Health & Science University
Manca Marco Student
  • University Of Pavia
Matern Maggie Student
  • University Of Maryland School Of Medicine
McGovern Melissa Student
  • Southern Illinois University School Of Medicine
Moon Ruth Student
  • King's College London
Prades I Abadias Silvia Student
  • University College London
Rice Darrian Student
  • University Of Miami
Screven Laurel Student
  • University At Buffalo
Sutton Daniel Student
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
Wang Zhirong Student
  • Georgetown University
Crump Shawn Student
  • University Of Kentucky
Salameh Ahlam Student
  • Case Western Reserve University
Wilkerson Brent Student
  • University Of Washington
Wood L. Megan Student
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Jan Taha Student
  • Stanford University
67 total attendees representing 48 institutions.

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