Embryology 2014

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2014 Embryology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Amber Famiglietti Course Coordinator
  • Swarthmore College
Shane Jinson Course Coordinator
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Carolyn Kaufman Course Coordinator
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado Course Director
  • Stowers Institute/Hhmi
Richard Behringer Course Director
  • M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Paul Maddox Faculty
  • Unc Chapel Hill
Sharon Amacher Faculty
  • The Ohio State University
Busra Ozpolat Faculty
  • University Of Maryland
Mark Martindale Faculty
  • University Of Florida
Clare Baker Faculty
  • University Of Cambridge
Andres Collazo Faculty
  • California Institute Of Technology
Elke Ober Faculty
  • University Of Copenhagen
Tatjana Piotrowski Faculty
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Amy Maddox Faculty
  • Unc-Chapel Hill
David Sherwood Faculty
  • Duke University
David Mcclay Faculty
  • Duke University
Lynn Cooley Faculty
  • Yale School Of Medicine
Andrea Streit Faculty
  • King's College London
Athula Wikramanayake Faculty
  • University Of Miami
Linda Holland Faculty
  • Univ. California San Diego Scripps Inst. Oceanography
Lee Niswander Faculty
  • Univ Of Colorado Denver
Bernie Degnan Faculty
  • University Of Queensland
Raymond E Keller Faculty
  • University Of Virginia
Matthew Ronshaugen Faculty
  • University Of Manchester
Robert Zeller Faculty
  • San Diego State University
Jonathan J Henry Faculty
  • University Of Illinois
Nipam Patel Faculty
  • Uc Berkeley
Paul Trainor Faculty
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
David Matus Faculty
  • Stony Brook University
Claudio Stern Faculty
  • University College London
Brigitte Galliot Faculty
  • University Of Geneva
Daniel Rokhsar Faculty
  • University Of California
Iswar Hariharan Faculty
  • University Of California Berkeley
Elaine C Seaver Faculty
  • University Of Florida
Christine Rushlow Faculty
  • New York University
Richard Harland Faculty
  • Uc Berkeley
Wallingford John Faculty
  • University Of Texas
Geraldine Seydoux Faculty
  • Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine
Sean Carroll Lecturer
  • University Of Wisconsin-Madison
Marianne Bronner Lecturer
  • California Institute Of Technology
Blanche Capel Lecturer
  • Duke University Medical Center
John Gerhart Lecturer
  • University Of California
Arkhat Abzhanov Lecturer
  • Harvard University
Holger Knaut Lecturer
  • Nyu School Of Medicine
Irina Larina Lecturer
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
Constance Rich Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Sarah Abdul-Wajid Student
  • University Of California Santa Barbara
Yasuko Asai Student
  • Osaka University
Ailin Buzzi Student
  • Iib-Intech
Hong-Ru Chen Student
  • National Yang-Ming University
Katharine Criswell Student
  • University Of Chicago
Rachael Inglis Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Agne Kozlovskaja-Gumbriene Student
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Anne-Marie Ladouceur Student
  • University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Yi-Jyun Luo Student
  • Okinawa Institute Of Science And Technology
Iain Martyn Student
  • Rockefeller University
Julio Monti Belmonte Student
  • Biocomplexity Institute - Indiana University
Michael Piacentino Student
  • Boston University
Jason Presnell Student
  • University Of Miami
Darcy Ross Student
  • University Of Chicago
Maria De Los Angeles Serrano Student
  • Instituto Superior De Investigaciones Biologicas Conicet
Peter Warth Student
  • Universitaet Jena
Jiajie Xu Student
  • University Of Chicago
Raymond Ka Ho Yip Student
  • The University Of Hong Kong
Paola Bertucci Student
  • Embl
Helena Bilandzija Student
  • Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Chi-Kuo Hu Student
  • Stanford University
Idoia Quintana-Urzainqui Student
  • University Of Santiago De Compostela
Klaske Schippers Student
  • University Of Denver
Ryan Null Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California Berkeley
Angelo Iulianella Teaching Assistant
  • Dalhousie University
Danielle De Jong Teaching Assistant
  • Whitney Laboratory For Marine Bioscience
John Young Teaching Assistant
  • Harvard Medical School
Victoria Hurless Teaching Assistant
  • San Diego State University
April Dinwiddie Teaching Assistant
  • Yale University
Chenbei Chang Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Alabama At Birmingham
Stephen Green Teaching Assistant
  • California Institute Of Technology
Marina Venero Galanternik Teaching Assistant
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Longhua Guo Teaching Assistant
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Sarah Elliott Teaching Assistant
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
S Zachary Swartz Teaching Assistant
  • Brown University
Amanda Barlow Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Wisconsin
Jordi Cayuso Teaching Assistant
  • Mrc-Nimr
Megan Martik Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University
Frank Stellabotte Teaching Assistant
  • Middlesex Community College
Federica Bertocchini Teaching Assistant
  • Ibbtec
Hanh Vu Teaching Assistant
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Deirdre Lyons Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University
Erin Alberstat Teaching Assistant
  • Uc Berkeley
Claire Anderson Teaching Assistant
  • University Collage London
Naiga Cottingham Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Tara Fresques Teaching Assistant
  • Brown University
Laura Kelley Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University
David Lakomy Teaching Assistant
  • Rice University
Linda Setiawan Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California Berkeley
Asako Shindo Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Katherine Smith Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California Berkeley
Le Trinh Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Southern California
98 total attendees representing 72 institutions.

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