Gene Regulatory Networks 2017

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2017 Gene Regulatory Networks


Name Role Affiliation URI
Isabelle S. Peter Course Director
  • Caltech
Ken Cho Course Lecturer
  • University Of California, Irvine
Amy Ralston Course Lecturer
  • Michigan State University
John Reinitz Course Lecturer
  • University Of Chicago
Ellen V. Rothenberg Course Lecturer
  • California Institute Of Technology
Trevor W. Siggers Course Lecturer
  • Boston University
Jonathan Valencia Research Facilitator
  • Caltech
Marianne Bronner Scientific Course Consultant
  • California Institute Of Technology
James Briscoe Scientific Course Consultant
  • The Francis Crick Institute
Lionel Christiaen Scientific Course Consultant
  • New York University
William J.R. Longabaugh Scientific Course Consultant
Plotkin Steven Student
  • University Of British Columbia
  • The University Of British Columbia
Jima Dereje Student
  • North Carolina State University
Szaro Ben Student
  • State University Of New York At Albany
Chagovetz Alexis Student
  • University Of Utah
Duncan Kaylia Student
  • The University Of Iowa
English Nolan Student
  • Georgia Tech
Jo Leonardo Student
  • University Of California Davis
Kuwahara Akela Student
  • University Of California, San Francisco
Langley Matthew Student
  • University Of Toronto
Marable Sierra Student
  • Cincinnati Children''S Hospital Medical Center
Mariossi Andrea Student
  • King''S College London
Minchey Sergio Student
  • University Of Georgia
Nano Patricia Student
  • Stanford University School Of Medicine
Shelton Samantha Student
  • Boston University
Wilcox Christina Student
  • University Of California Irvine
Herrera R. Student
  • Stony Brook University
Lee ChangHee Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Miao Ling-ling Student
  • National Institute Of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal
Robinson Jeffrey Student
  • National Institute Of Health
Vayttaden Sharat Student
  • Niaid/Nih
Wilson Stephen Student
  • University Of Missouri
32 total attendees representing 29 institutions.

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