Immunohistochemistry & Microscopy 2014

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2014 Immunohistochemistry And Microscopy


Name Role Affiliation URI
Charles Frevert Course Director
  • University Of Washington
Rosa-Molinar Eduardo Course Director
  • University Of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
Denis Baskin Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Martha Delaney Faculty
  • University Of Washington Dept Comp Med
Mark Clymer Faculty
  • Datacolor Inc.
Franklin William Stahl Faculty
  • The Histochemical Society
Brian Johnson Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Stephen Hewitt Faculty
  • National Cancer Institute Nih
James Ahmed Faculty
  • National Veterinary Research Institute Vom
Leanna Ferrand Faculty
  • Ge Healthcare
Paul Goodwin Faculty
  • Ge Healthcare
Peterside Kumbish Faculty
  • Nat. Vet. Res. Institute Vom
Jerry Sedgewick Faculty
  • Imaging And Analysis Llc
Leila Rieder Student
  • Brown University
Roseanna Smither Student
  • Otago University
Francisco Villegas Student
  • York College - Cuny
Sabah Ul-Hasan Student
  • University Of New Hampshire
Ana Ortiz Student
  • Medical Science Campus University Of Puerto Rico
Rabab Sharif Student
  • Colorado State University
Rylan Allemang-Grand Student
  • Mouse Imaging Centre
Melissa Clouse Student
  • Creighton University
Jennifer Colon Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico School Of Medicine
Sherri Eldridge Student
  • University Of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Yohaan Fernandes Student
  • University Of Toronto Mississauga
Rebecca Helm Student
  • Brown University
Kristy Meadows Student
  • Tufts University Cummings School Of Veterinary Medicine
Mario Oyola Student
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
Jennifer Panlilio Student
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Emily Reinhardt Student
  • Kansas State University
Fatima Zahra Saddouk Student
  • Albany Medical College
Mayra Sanchez-Garcia Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico
Sasha Vega Alvarez Student
  • Purdue University
Alan Pehrson Student
  • Lundbeck Research Usa, Inc.
Leyla Teos Student
  • Nidcr, Nih
Stephanie Bisulco Student
  • Lundbeck Research
Brendan Collins Student
  • Abcam Inc
Maureen Abbott Student
  • Alizee Pathology
Deborah Kupferwasser Student
  • Labiomed
Andrea Montoya Greene Student
  • Cbset
Andreas Sonyi Student
  • Imclone Systems
Rebecca Myers Student
  • Morgan State University
Jose Serrano-Velez Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras
Irma Torres-Vazquez Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
Rosedelma Diaz-De Leon Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras
Noraida Martinez-Rivera Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Campus
Atsuko Kimura Teaching Assistant
  • National Institutes Of Health
Celimar Negron Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Puerto Rico
47 total attendees representing 40 institutions.

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