Physiology 1955

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1955 Physiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Otto C Loewi Consultant
  • N Y U College Of Medicine
  • New York University School Of Medicine
Merkel H Jacobs Consultant
  • Medical School University Of Pennsylvania
  • University Of Pennsylvania
E S Guzman Barron Consultant
  • University Of Chicago
Arthur K Parpart Consultant
  • Princeton University
Albert Szent-Gyorgi Consultant
  • Institute For Muscle Research
Andrew Szent-Gyorgi Instructor
  • Institute For Muscle Research
Herman M Kalckar Instructor
  • National Institutes Of Health
George Higgins Wald Instructor
  • Harvard University
  • Biological Laboratories
Stephen W Kuffler Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Wilmer Institute Johns Hopkins University
Max A Lauffer Instructor
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Daniel Mazia Instructor
  • University Of California
  • Hopkins Marine Station
Paul Bernstein Laboratory Assistant
  • Department Of Zoology Columbia University
David Mauzerall Student
  • Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research
Francis Neuhaus Student
  • Duke University
Timothy H Goldsmith Student
  • Harvard University
George Montgomery Curry Student
  • Harvard University
Jane Carolyn Roberts Student
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Charles Hurwitz Student
  • Va Hospital
Jose Ferreira Fernandes Student
Don Richard Goe Student
  • University Of Southern California
Albert Wahba Student
  • Cornell University
F Cazorla Student
  • Instituto Ncnal De Enferme Dades Neoplasicas
Laurence Levine Student
  • Wayne University
William Wright Fleming Student
  • Harvard University
Joseph Fleisher Student
  • Chemical Corps Medical Laboratories
William C Rhodes Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Luigi Messineo Student
  • Institute Of Zoology Of Palermo
John Howard Kepchar Student
  • University Of North Carolina
Mary Mendelsohn Student
  • Radcliffe College
Jean Pierre Cordeau Student
  • Universite De Montreal
John Andrew Wohlhieter Student
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Carl Mantle Stevens Student
  • State College Of Washington
Daniel Mazia Student
  • University Of California
  • Hopkins Marine Station
Ignatius Guccione Student
  • New York University
Charity Crocker Student
  • Instituto De Biofisica
Arlene May Small Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
K France Baker Student
  • Columbia University
Palmer Rogers Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Lorne Allister Machattie Student
  • University Of Buffalo
Aileen Herranen Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Theodore Urban Student
  • Creighton University
Donald Roy Ekberg Student
  • University Of Illinois
Lewis Lefkowitz, Jr Student
  • Southwestern Medical School
43 total attendees representing 40 institutions.

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