Immunohistochemistry & Microscopy 2016

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2016 Immunohistochemistry And Microscopy


Name Role Affiliation URI
Noraida Martinez-Rivera Course Assistant
  • The Unversity Of Kansas
Irma Torres-Vazquez Course Coordinator
  • University Of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras
Heather Shinogle-Decker Course Coordinator
  • University Of Kansas
Eduardo Rosa-Molinar Course Director
  • University Of Kansas
Charles Frevert Course Director
  • University Of Washington
Denis Baskin Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Mark Clymer Faculty
  • Datacolor Inc.
Franklin William Stahl Faculty
  • The Histochemical Society
Stephen Hewitt Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
Gerald Sedgewick Faculty
  • Gerald Sedgewick Initiatives
Scott Tanner Faculty
  • Limestone College
Martha Delaney Lecturer
  • University Of Washington
Brian Johnson Lecturer
  • University Of Washington
Paul Goodwin Lecturer
  • Ge Healthcare
  • Ge Healthcare, Life Sciences
Francesca Duncan Student
  • University Of Kansas Medical Center
Samantha Roloff Student
  • Amway
Xiaofeng Lu Student
  • St. Michael's Hospital
Jonathan Morrow Student
  • University Of Michigan
Felipe Santos Student
  • Massachusetts Eye And Ear Infirmary
Chris Bolden Student
  • University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences
Alejandro Damian Serrano Student
  • Brown University
Rachel Gilbert Student
  • University Of Cincinnati
Dianarys Hernandez-Aquino Student
  • University Of Kansas
Dennis Kesti Student
  • Scilife Laboratory
Neidibel Martinez Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
Calyn Maske Student
  • Florida State University
Aidyn Medina-Lopez Student
  • University Of Kansas
Angel Nunez-Marrero Student
  • Ponce Health Sciences University
Jocelyn Rivera Ortiz Student
  • Ponce Health And Science University
Marla Rivera-Oliver Student
  • Institute Of Neurobiology
Randee Sedaka Student
  • The University Of Alabama At Birmingham
Evelina Sjoestedt Student
  • Scilife Laboratory
Sarah Woody Student
  • University Of Kansas School Of Pharmacy
Andia Chaves Fonnegra Student
  • University Of The Virgin Islands
Yainyrette Rivera Rivera Student
  • Ponce Health Sciences University
Matthew Norton Student
  • Abcam, Inc.
Jody Longo Student
  • Medical University Of South Carolina
Scott Clarke Student
  • Thermofisher Scientific
Virginia Hoglund Student
  • Seattle Children''S Research Institute
Davorka Softic Student
  • Lifenet Health
Komal Vadnagara Student
  • Mirna Therapeutics Inc
Miguel Diaz Student
  • The University Of Texas At Austin
Jacqueline Martin Student
  • Thermofisher Scientific
Gian Molina Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
Kayla Wilson Student
  • University Of Kansas
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