Methods In Computational Neuroscience

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2017 Methods In Computational Neuroscience


Name Role Affiliation URI
Adrienne L. Fairhall Chief Scientific Course Consultant (formerly Course Section Leader)
  • University Of Washington
Michale Fee Course Director
  • Massachussetts Institute Of Technology
Mark S. Goldman Course Director
Jack Gallant Course Lecturer
  • Uc Berkeley
Carlos Brody Course Lecturer
  • Princeton University And Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Terrence J Sejnowski Course Lecturer
  • Salk Institute
Eve Marder Course Lecturer
  • Brandeis University
G Bard Ermentrout Course Lecturer
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Larry Abbott Course Lecturer
  • Columbia University
Daniel Johnston Course Lecturer
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Emery N. Brown Course Lecturer
  • Mit
Sophie Deneve Course Lecturer
  • Ecole Normale Supérieure
Chris Eliasmith Course Lecturer
  • U Waterloo
Loren M. Frank Course Lecturer
  • Hhmi And Ucsf
Nancy J. Kopell Course Lecturer
  • Boston University
Bartlett W. Mel Course Lecturer
  • Usc
Cristina Savin Course Lecturer
  • Nyu
Kiah Hardcastle Research Facilitator
  • Stanford University
Emily Mackevicius Mackevicius Research Facilitator
  • Mit
Alexander Sood Research Facilitator
  • Uc Davis
Alex H. Williams Research Facilitator
Xiao Jing Wang Scientific Course Consultant
  • New York University
Haim Sompolinsky Scientific Course Consultant
  • Hebrew University
Surya Ganguli Scientific Course Consultant
  • Stanford University
James Fitzgerald Scientific Course Consultant
  • Hhmi Janelia Research Campus
Dmitri Mitya Chklovskii Scientific Course Consultant
Uri Eden Scientific Course Consultant
  • Boston University
Ila Fiete Scientific Course Consultant
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Stephen A. Baccus Scientific Course Consultant
  • Stanford University
Josh D. Berke Scientific Course Consultant
  • Ucsf
Stefano Fusi Scientific Course Consultant
  • Columbia University
Gregory J. Gage Scientific Course Consultant
  • Backyard Brains
Mate Lengyel Scientific Course Consultant
  • University Of Cambridge
Jonathan W. Pillow Scientific Course Consultant
  • Princeton University
Sara A. Solla Scientific Course Consultant
  • Northwestern University
Bahle Andrew Student
  • Mit
Collazos Steven Student
  • University Of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Dhupia Neha Student
  • University Of Queensland
Emami Melikasadat Student
  • University Of California, Los Angeles
Farrell Matthew Student
  • University Of Washington
Gill Jonathan Student
  • New York University
Gribkova Ekaterina Student
  • University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
Guo Chong Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Harvey Sarah Student
  • Stanford University
Mohan Krithika Student
  • The University Of Chicago
Pyle Ryan Student
  • University Of Notre Dame
Quach Kathleen Student
  • Salk Institute For Biological Studies
Sarel Ayelet Student
  • Weizmann Institute Of Sceince
Scerra Veronica Student
  • Wake Forest University
Schneiders Brita Student
  • Northwestern University
Singh Amrita Student
  • Janelia Research Campus
Wei Huayi Student
  • New York University
Barello Gregory Student
  • University Of Oregon
Bidaye Salil Student
  • University Of California - Berkeley
Broek Jantine Student
  • Yale University
Gadagkar Vikram Student
  • Cornell University
Namburi Praneeth Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Raman Dhruva Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Williams-García Rashid Student
  • University Of Pittsburgh
59 total attendees representing 42 institutions.

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