Molecular Mycology 2014

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2014 Molecular Mycology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Carol Edwards Course Coordinator
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
Deborah Hogan Course Director
  • Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth
Andrew Alspaugh Course Director
  • Duke University School Of Medicine
Aaron Mitchell Faculty
  • Carnegie Mellon University
Robert B Wheeler Faculty
  • University Of Maine
Xiaorong Lin Faculty
  • Texas A & M University
John Jr Edwards Faculty
  • Harborucla Medical Center
Fabrice Gravelat Faculty
  • Mcgill University
Donald Sheppard Faculty
  • Mcgill University
Ted White Faculty
  • University Of Missouri Kansas City
Maurizio Del Poeta Faculty
  • Stony Brook University
Judith Berman Faculty
  • Tel Aviv University
James Konopka Faculty
  • Stony Brook University (Suny)
Damian Krysan Faculty
  • University Of Rochester
Michael Lorenz Faculty
  • University Of Texas Health Science Center
Chad Rappleye Faculty
  • Ohio State University
Judith Rhodes Lecturer
  • University Of Cincinnati
Joseph Heitman Lecturer
  • Duke University Medical Center
Nancy Keller Lecturer
  • University Of Wisconsin
Jason Stajich Lecturer
  • University Of California-Riverside
Robert Cramer Lecturer
  • Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth
Joachim Morschhäuser Lecturer
  • University Of WüRzburg
Paul Magwene Student
  • Duke University
Evelyn Santos Student
  • University Of Massachusetts Medical School
Vikas Student
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advanced Scientific Research
Bevin English Student
  • University Of California, San Francisco
Jeffrey Hollomon Student
  • Dartmouth College
Mark Lee Student
  • Mcgill University
Kaitlin Mitchell Student
  • University Of Wisconsin-Madison
Tonya Taylor Student
  • Clemson University
Nuria Trevijano Contador Student
  • Instituto De Salud Carlos Iii
Chelsea Boyd Student
  • University Of North Carolina
Delma Childers Student
  • University Of Aberdeen
Sarela Garcia-Santamarina Student
  • Duke University Medical Center
Stephen Hammel Student
  • Ucd Conway Institute
Eric Lewis Student
  • Tgen North
Michaela Spitzer Student
  • Mg Degroote Institute For Infectious Disease Research
Jiyoti Verma Gaur Student
  • Monash University
Jeanette Wagener Student
  • Aberdeen Fungal Group, University Of Aberdeen
Xinping Xu Student
  • Texas A&M University
Sven Willger Teaching Assistant
  • Geisel School Of Medicine At Dartmouth
Norma Solis Teaching Assistant
  • La Biomed
Connie Nichols Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University Medical Center
Nora Grahl Teaching Assistant
  • Dartmouth Medical School
Alex Hopke Teaching Assistant
  • The University Of Maine
Srijana Upadhyay Teaching Assistant
  • Texas A & M University
46 total attendees representing 39 institutions.

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