Neural Systems And Behavior 2014

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2014 Neural Systems And Behavior


Name Role Affiliation URI
Olivia Miller Course Coordinator
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Mary Shanley Course Coordinator
  • Northeastern University
Janelle Veary Course Coordinator
  • Northeastern University
Hans Hofmann Course Director
  • The University Of Texas At Austin
Andre Fenton Course Director
  • New York University
William B Jr Kristan Faculty
  • University Of California San Diego
Matthijs Van Der Meer Faculty
  • University Of Waterloo
Rayna Harris Faculty
  • The University Of Texas At Austin
Karen Mesce Faculty
  • University Of Minnesota
Wolfgang Stein Faculty
  • Illinois State University
Hillel Adesnik Faculty
  • University Of California Berkeley
Ronald L Calabrese Faculty
  • Emory University
James D Angstadt Faculty
  • Siena College
Farzan Nadim Faculty
  • Njit/ Rutgers University
Jason Ritt Faculty
  • Boston University
Susan Renn Faculty
  • Reed College
Hans Brecht Faculty
  • Bccn/ Humboldt University Berlin
Paul Dudchenko Faculty
  • University Of Stirling
Juan Alarcon Faculty
  • Suny Downstate Medical Center
Angela Wenning-Erxleben Faculty
  • Emory University
Brian Norris Faculty
  • California State University
Emma R Wood Faculty
  • University Of Edinburgh
Joshua Puhl Faculty
  • National Institute Of Health
Stephanie White Faculty
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Krista Todd Faculty
  • University Of California San Diego
Jeff W Lichtman Faculty
  • Harvard University
Michael Reiser Faculty
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Rosamund Langston Faculty
  • University Of Dundee
Peter Weir Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Maurice Chacron Faculty
  • Mcgill University
Jorge Golowasch Faculty
  • New Jersey Institute Of Technology
Dawn Blitz Faculty
  • Miami University
Terrence Wright Faculty
  • University Of California Davis
Dirk Bucher Faculty
  • New Jersey Institute Of Technology - Njit (Nj)
Christopher Moore Faculty
  • Brown University
Eric Fortune Faculty
  • New Jersey Institute Of Technology
Vikas Bhandawat Faculty
  • Duke University
Lidia Szczupak Faculty
  • Universidad De Buenos Aires
Jamie Theobald Faculty
  • Florida International University
Gaby Maimon Faculty
  • Rockefeller University
Mark Alkema Faculty
  • Umass Medical School
Andrea Calixto Faculty
  • Universidad Mayor
Sheena Josselyn Faculty
  • Hospital For Sick Children
Llynne Kiorpes Faculty
  • New York University
Andrew Leifer Faculty
  • Princeton University
Catherine Thorn Faculty
  • Brown University
Katherine Thorn Faculty
  • Brown University
Michele (Jade) Zee Faculty
  • Northeastern University
Rafael Yuste Lecturer
  • Columbia University
Catherine Woolley Lecturer
  • Northwestern University
Michael Nitabach Lecturer
  • Yale University
Josh Bongard Lecturer
  • University Of Vermont
Jill Leutgeb Lecturer
  • University Of California San Diego
Jamie Schwendinger-Schreck Student
  • University Of California Berkeley
Ying Zhu Student
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
John William Scott Student
  • University Of California San Diego
Manisha Sinha Student
  • Indian Institute Of Science
Floria Uy Student
  • University Of Miami
Carl-Henrik Andersson Student
  • University Of Gothenburg
Mufaddal Baghdadwala Student
  • University Of Calgary
Joao Barbosa Student
  • Idibaps
Kevin Boergens Student
  • Max Planck Institute Of Neurobiology
Peter Borden Student
  • Georgia Institute Of Technology
Katrin Franke Student
  • Centre For Integrative Neuroscience
Sara Haenzi Student
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munich
Yvonne Johansson Student
  • Karolinska Institutet
Hilary Katz Student
  • University Of Chicago
Randolph Li Student
  • University Of California San Francisco
Angeles Salles Student
  • Facultad De Ciencias Exactas Y Naturales
Anna Schneider Student
  • Biocenter, Universtiy Of Cologne
Donna Tan Student
  • Nanyang Technological University
Nicholas Trojanowski Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Margot Schwalbe Student
  • Tufts University
Dalia Salloum Teaching Assistant
  • Njit
Edith Chorev Teaching Assistant
  • Humboldt University Of Berlin And Bccn
Michael Metzen Teaching Assistant
  • Mcgill University
Gregory Telian Teaching Assistant
  • Uc Berkeley
Sarah Nicola Jung Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Ottawa
Ain Chung Teaching Assistant
  • New York University
Edward Frady Teaching Assistant
  • Uc San Diego
Jan Grewe Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Tuebingen
Jeremy Barry Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Vermont
Olivia De Souza Monteiro Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Dundee
David Fox Teaching Assistant
  • Njit
Chengjie Huang Teaching Assistant
  • Mcgill University
Evan Lyall Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California Berkeley
Jennifer Pirri Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Massachusetts Medical School
George Plummer Teaching Assistant
  • Princeton University
Vu Tran Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Texas
Chelsea Weitekamp Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Shiuan-tze Wu Teaching Assistant
  • Janelia Farm Research Campus
91 total attendees representing 73 institutions.

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