Optical Microscopy 2014

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Year Course Group
2014 Optical Microscopy


Name Role Affiliation URI
Hari Shroff Course Director
  • National Institutes Of Health
  • Nih
Robert Hard Course Director
  • University At Buffalo
Wade Sigurdson Faculty
  • University At Buffalo
Joseph Depasquale Faculty
  • Morphogenyx Inc
John Murray Faculty
  • Indiana University
  • University Of Pennsylvania
James Mcnally Faculty
  • Helmholtz Center Berlin
Philipp Keller Faculty
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Blair Rossetti Faculty
  • Forsyth Institute
Frederick Lanni Faculty
  • Carnegie Mellon University
Alison North Lecturer
  • The Rockefeller University
Richard Day Lecturer
  • Indiana University School Of Medicine
Margaret Hastings Student
  • Mcgill University/Montreal Neurological Institute
Maria Gervasi Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Leyla Teos Student
  • Nidcr, Nih
Jorge Alegre-Cebollada Student
  • National Insititute Of Cardiovascular Research, Cnic
Scott Doyle Student
  • University At Buffalo
Brooke Jude Student
  • Bard College
Maor Sauler Student
  • Yale University
Carla Frare Student
  • Institute Of Arctic Biology
Svetlana Kurilova Student
  • University Of Illinois At Chicago
Andrew McCall Student
  • State University Of New York At Buffalo
Fatma Pir-Cakmak Student
  • Pennsylvania State University
Kathryn Roberts Student
  • The University Of Manchester
Laura Sciarra Student
  • Brown University
Timothy Soh Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Elena Rozhkova Student
  • Argonne National Laboratory
Benjamin Bouchet Student
  • Faculty Of Science, Utrecht University
Revathy Ramachandran Student
  • National Cancer Institute
Elizabeth Driver Student
  • Nidcd, Nih
Kelly Ezell Student
  • Midwestern University
Tong Zhang Student
  • University Of Ottawa
Jacqueline Leung Teaching Assistant
  • Indiana University Bloomington
Seth Winfree Teaching Assistant
  • Indiana University
Peter Winter Teaching Assistant
  • National Institutes Of Health
34 total attendees representing 32 institutions.

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