Optical Microscopy 2017

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2017 Optical Microscopy


Name Role Affiliation URI
Hari Shroff Course Director
  • Nih
Robert Hard Course Director
  • Wade J. Sigurdson
John Murray Course Lecturer
  • Indiana University
Richard N. Day Course Lecturer
  • Indiana University School Of Medicine
Luke D. Lavis Course Lecturer
  • Janelia Research Campus, Hhmi
Alison J. North Course Lecturer
  • The Rockefeller University
Karsten Bahlmann Course Vendor
James H. Barks Course Vendor
Matthew L. Brown Course Vendor
  • Nikon Instruments, Inc.
Glenn Doherty Course Vendor
Butch Granada Course Vendor
Jim Leisy Course Vendor
  • Leica Microsystems Inc
Jumpei Ogita Course Vendor
Sanghoon Oh Course Vendor
  • Carl Zeiss Microscopy
Garrett Standish Course Vendor
  • Leica Microsystems
James Wainwright Course Vendor
  • Andor Technology
Amicia D. Elliott Research Facilitator
  • Nih
Jacqueline M. Leung Research Facilitator
  • Indiana University Bloomington
Andrew D. McCall Research Facilitator
Seth Winfree Research Facilitator
  • Indiana University School Of Medicine
Frederick Lanni Scientific Course Consultant
  • Carnegie Mellon University
Joerg Bewersdorf Scientific Course Consultant
  • Yale University
Joseph A. DePasquale Scientific Course Consultant
  • Morphogenyx Inc
Peter R. Franklin Scientific Course Consultant
  • Ge Healthcare- Life Sciences
Paul C. Goodwin Scientific Course Consultant
  • Ge Healthcare
Mark D. Lessard Scientific Course Consultant
  • Yale University
James G. McNally Scientific Course Consultant
Chrysanthe Preza Scientific Course Consultant
  • The University Of Memphis
Mark R. Reinhardt Scientific Course Consultant
  • Pco-Tech, Inc.
Wade Sigurdson Sigurdson Scientific Course Consultant
  • University At Buffalo
Wopereis Judith Student
  • Smith College
Churnside Allison Student
  • Somalogic
Fu Hongxia Student
  • Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Jeter Collene Student
  • Ut Md Anderson Cancer Center
Kay Jason Student
  • University At Buffalo
Mockett Bruce Student
  • University Of Otago
Chandler Talon Student
  • University Of Chicago
Chi Jingyi Student
  • The Rockefeller University
Guest Sarah Student
  • Uc Davis
Henderson Katharine Student
  • University Of Chicago
Holt Jesse Student
  • Uc Irvine
Ledford Hannah Student
  • University Of California, Davis
Nelson Andrew Student
  • University Of Michigan
Revell Dustin Student
  • University Of Alabama At Birmingham
Singh Digvijay Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Zielinska Agata Student
  • Mpi For Biophysical Chemistry
Sathappan Abbirami Student
  • Sidra Medical Research Center
Callahan Rebecca Student
  • Washington University In St. Louis
Erickson-Bhatt Sarah Student
  • Uw Madison
Floyd Kyle Student
  • University Of California, Santa Cruz
Romarowski Ana Student
  • Ibyme (Instituto De BiologĂ­a Y Medicina Experimental)
Soerhus Elin Student
  • Institute For Marine Research
Wu Shu-Zon Student
  • University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Manning Lane Student
  • Avr Optics
54 total attendees representing 41 institutions.

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