Physical Biology of the Cell 2017

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2017 Physical Biology of the Cell


Name Role Affiliation URI
Robert Phillips Course Director
  • California Institute Of Technology
  • Caltech
Hernan G. Garcia Course Director
  • Uc Berkeley
Stirling Churchman Course Lecturer
  • Harvard Medical School
Wallace Marshall Course Lecturer
Daniel Needleman Course Lecturer
  • Harvard University
Ibrahim Cisse Course Lecturer
  • Mit
Ido Golding Course Lecturer
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
Hopi E. Hoekstra Course Lecturer
  • Harvard/Hhmi
Jonathon (Joe) Howard Course Lecturer
  • Yale
david nelson Course Lecturer
  • Harvard University
Philip Nelson Course Lecturer
  • Univ Pennsylvania
Karna Gowda Research Facilitator
Gabriel A. Bronk Research Facilitator
  • Brandeis University
Elizabeth C. Eck Research Facilitator
  • Uc Berkeley
Rikki M. Garner Research Facilitator
David Harbage Research Facilitator
Nicholas Lammers Lammers Research Facilitator
  • Uc Berkeley
Gabriella Martini Research Facilitator
  • University Of California, Berkeley
Saurabh Mogre Research Facilitator
  • University Of California San Diego
Muir J. Morrison Research Facilitator
  • California Institute Of Technology
Armando E. Reimer Research Facilitator
  • Uc Berkeley
Meghan Turner Research Facilitator
Jane Kondev Scientific Course Consultant
  • Brandeis University
Julie Theriot Scientific Course Consultant
  • Stanford University
Heun Lee Scientific Course Consultant
  • California Institute Of Technology
Manuel Razo-Mejia Scientific Course Consultant
  • California Institute Of Technology
Nathan M. Belliveau Scientific Course Consultant
  • Caltech
Enrique M. De La Cruz Scientific Course Consultant
  • Yale University
Elena F. Koslover Scientific Course Consultant
  • Uc San Diego
Madhav Mani Scientific Course Consultant
  • Northwestern University
Cadart Clotilde Student
  • Institut Pierre-Gilles De Gennes
Falo Sanjuan Julia Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Fiske Lionel Student
  • Northwestern University
Gallagher Kevin Student
  • Northwestern University
Hibbard Jaime Student
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Johnston Jessica Student
  • Yale School Of Medicine
Khanna Kanika Student
  • University Of California, San Diego
Lewis Greyson Student
  • University Of California San Francisco
Paci Giulia Student
  • Embl
Puszynska Anna Student
  • Harvard University
Ramírez Manuel Student
  • Embl Heidelberg
Ren Yuan Student
  • Purdue Univeristy
Vendel Kim Student
  • Delft University Of Technology
Yoo Haneul Student
  • The University Of Chicago
Cortes Daniel Student
  • University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Hunter Ginger Student
  • National Institute Of Neurological Disorders And Stroke
Lovely Geoffrey Student
  • National Institute On Aging
Parisutham Vinuselvi Student
  • Umass Medical School
Titov Denis Student
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
49 total attendees representing 33 institutions.

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