Zebrafish Development And Genetics 2015

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2015 Zebrafish Development And Genetics


Name Role Affiliation URI
Kara Maloney Course Assistant
  • Boston Children's Hospital
Kelly Monk Course Coordinator
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
April Freeman Course Coordinator
  • Zebrafish International Resource Center
Caitlin Inglis Course Coordinator
  • Wheaton College
Sharon Amacher Course Director
  • The Ohio State University
Corinne Houart Course Director
  • King's College London
Erez Raz Course Director
  • Institute For Cell Biology
Marc Wolman Faculty
  • University Of Wisconsin Madison
Deborah Yelon Faculty
  • University Of California San Diego
Rolf Karlstrom Faculty
  • University Of Massachusetts
David Raible Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Andres Collazo Faculty
  • California Institute Of Technology
Mary R Mullins Faculty
  • University Of Pennsylvania
James Fadool Faculty
  • Florida State University
Michael Granato Faculty
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Stephen Wilson Faculty
  • University College London
Lilianna Solnica-Krezel Faculty
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Roshan Jain Faculty
  • Haverford College
Cecilia Moens Faculty
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Alexander Schier Faculty
  • Harvard University
Ian Woods Faculty
  • Ithaca College
Ken Poss Faculty
  • Duke University School Of Medicine
Elaine Wencil Faculty
  • Us Dept Of Health And Human Services
Christine Beattie Lecturer
  • Ohio State University
David Umulis Student
  • Purdue University
Chi-Chung Wu Student
  • Ulm University
Nicole Baran Student
  • Cornell University
Rita Ferreira Student
  • Igbmc - Cnrs Umr 7104 - Inserm U 964
Mailin Hamm Student
  • University Of Muenster C/O Mpi For Molecular Biomedicine
Irvin Huang Student
  • Stony Brook University
Maryam Khosravi Student
  • University College London
Laura Lopez-Blanch Student
  • Centre For Genomic Regulation (Crg)
Marian Weterman Student
  • Academic Medical Center
Arica Beisaw Student
  • Max Planck Institute For Molecular Genetics
Ozren Bogdanovic Student
  • University Of Western Australia
Mitchell D'Rozario Student
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Chiara Gabellini Student
  • University Of Murcia
Fansuo Geng Student
  • Walter And Eliza Hall Institute Of Medical Research
Lennart Hilbert Student
  • Max Planck Institute Of Molecular Cell Biology And Genetics
Rebeca Martín Jiménez Student
  • The Royal Veterinary College
Karen Mruk Student
  • Stanford University
Alice Parisi Student
  • Nestle Institute Of Heath Sciences
Michal Pawlak Student
  • International Institute Of Molecular And Cell Biology
Or Shahar Student
  • Max Planck For Brain Research
Eliot Smith Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Meredith Wilson Student
  • Carnegie Institution For Science
Michal Reichman Teaching Assistant
  • Muenster University
Holger Bielen Teaching Assistant
  • Kings College
Kurt Marsden Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Pennsylvania
William Talbot Teaching Assistant
  • Stanford University
Ira Male Teaching Assistant
  • Umass Amherst
Joshua Bloomekatz Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California San Diego
Jiakun Chen Teaching Assistant
  • Washington University In St. Louis
Alyssa Lutservitz Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Mary Mckitrick Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Massachusetts
Mayssa Mokalled Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University Medical Center
Minna Roh-Johnson Teaching Assistant
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Francesca Tuazon Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Pennsylvania
58 total attendees representing 47 institutions.

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