History of Biology 2018

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Year Course Group
2018 History of Biology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Jane Maienschein Director
  • Arizona State University
John M. Beatty Director
  • University Of British Colombia
Jim Collins Director
  • Arizona State University
Karl Matlin Director
  • University Of Chicago
Garlande Allen Instructor
  • Washington University
Karen Rader Instructor
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
Jim Fleming Instructor
  • Colby College
Curt Meine Instructor
  • Center For Humans And Nature
Andrew Inkpen Instructor
  • Dalhousie University
Anita Guerrini Instructor
  • Oregon State University
Kathryn Denning Instructor
  • York University
Kevin Esvelt Instructor
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Daisy Ginsberg Instructor
  • Daisyginsberg.Com
Tiago Saraiva Instructor
  • Drexel University
Luis Campos Organizer
  • University Of New Mexico
Harold Lewis Burstyn Student
  • Syracuse University
Chrisitan Young Student
  • Alverno College
Christine Keiner Student
  • Rochester Institute Of Technology
Elihu Gerson Student
  • Tremont Research Institute
Matt Chew Student
  • Arizona State University
Everett Mendelsohn Student
  • Harvard University
Christian Ross Student
  • Arizona State University
Patrice Kohl Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Joan Burstyn Student
  • Syracuse University
Danielle Carr Student
  • Columbia University
Abe Gibson Student
  • Arizona State University
Kinley Gillette Student
  • University Of British Colombia
Joshua McGuffie Student
  • University Of California, Los Angeles
Raylee Otero-Bell Student
  • University Of New Mexico
Taylor Zajicek Student
  • Princeton University
30 total attendees representing 23 institutions.

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