History of Biology 2010

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2010 History of Biology


Name Role Affiliation URI
John M. Beatty Director
  • University Of British Columbia
Jane Ann Maienschein Director
  • Arizona State University
Jim Collins Director
  • Arizona State University
Michael Dietrich Instructor
  • Dartmouth College
Manfred Laubichler Instructor
  • Arizona State University
Elihu Gerson Instructor
  • Tremont Institute
Quentin Wheeler Instructor
  • Arizona State University
Matthew Chew Instructor
  • Arizona State University
Kristin Johnson Instructor
  • Puget Sound University
Gordon McOuat Instructor
  • Kings College
Lynn Nyhart Instructor
  • University Of Wisconsin
Peter Stevens Instructor
  • Missouri Botanical Garden
Bruno Strasser Instructor
  • Yale University
Paul Farber Organizer
  • Oregon State University
Andrew Hamilton Organizer
  • Arizona State University
Henry Chandler Cowles Student
  • Princeton University
Garland E Allen Student
  • Washington University
Harold Lewis Burstyn Student
  • Mbl
Christine Keiner Student
  • Rochester Institute Of Technology
Gal Kober Student
  • Tufts University
Andrew Yang Student
  • School Of The Art Institute Chicago
Jenny Beckman Student
  • Stockholm Resilience Center
Etienne Benson Student
  • Harvard University
Maria Carrera Zamanillo Student
  • National University Of Mexico
Isabelle Charmantier Student
  • University Of Exeter
Kuang-chi Hung Student
  • Harvard University
Matthis Krischel Student
  • Ulm University
Brendon Larson Student
  • University Of Waterloo
Everett Mendelsohn Student
  • Harvard University
Samantha Muka Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Megan Raby Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Joanna Radin Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Camille Roux-Goupille Student
  • London's Global University
Ayelet Shavit Student
  • Institute Of The Arts
David Steffes Student
  • Arizona State University
Johnny Winston Student
  • Arizona State University
36 total attendees representing 25 institutions.

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