History of Biology 2005

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2005 History of Biology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Jane Maienschein Director
  • Arizona State University
John M. Beatty Director
  • University Of British Columbia
Jim Collins Director
  • Arizona State University
George W Smith Instructor
  • Dibner Institute
Carl Pilcher Instructor
  • Nasa
Carlos Woese Instructor
  • University Of Illinois
John Rummel Instructor
  • Nasa
Lynn Margulis Instructor
  • University Of Massachusetts
James Strick Instructor
  • Franklin And Marshall College
Carol Cleland Instructor
  • University Of Colorado
Steven Dick Instructor
  • Nasa
Iris Fry Instructor
  • Technion-Israel Institute Of Technology
Bernard Lightman Instructor
  • York University
Lynn Rothschild Instructor
  • Nasa
Gail Schmitt Student
  • Princeton University
Lloyd Ackert Student
  • Yale University
Piers Hale Student
  • University Of British Columbia
Roberta Millstein Student
  • California State University
Linda Billings Student
Luis Campos Student
  • Harvard University
Stefan Helmreich Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Daniel Hudon Student
  • Boston University
Ulises Iturbe Student
John Lynch Student
  • Arizona State University
Matthew Shindell Student
Robert Skipper Student
  • University Of Cincinnati
26 total attendees representing 17 institutions.

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