History of Biology 2004

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2004 History of Biology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Jane Maienschein Director
  • Arizona State University
John M. Beatty Director
  • University Of British Columbia
Jim Collins Director
  • Arizona State University
Mitchell Sogin Instructor
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Carlos Woese Instructor
  • University Of Illinois
Richard Lewontin Instructor
  • Harvard University
Joel Hagen Instructor
  • Radford University
William Provine Instructor
  • Cornell University
Edna Suarez Diaz Instructor
  • Universidad Nocional Autonoma De Mexico
Jan Sapp Organizer
  • York University
Michael Dietrich Organizer
  • Dartmouth College
Lisa Gannett Student
  • California State University, Chico
Grant Yamashita Student
  • University Of California Davis
Maureen O'Malley Student
  • Dalhousie University
Frederic Bouchard Student
  • Duke University
Steven Downes Student
  • University Of Utah
Carla Fehr Student
  • Iowa State University
Patrick Forber Student
  • Stanford University
Matt Haber Student
  • University Of California Davis
Andrew Hamilton Student
  • University Of San Francisco
Roberta Millstein Student
  • California State University, Hayward
Jessica Pfeifer Student
  • University Of Maryland
Anya Plutynski Student
  • University Of Utah
Neeraja Sankaran Student
  • Yale University
Robert Skipper Student
  • University Of Cinncinatti
25 total attendees representing 22 institutions.

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