History of Biology 1997

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1997 History of Biology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Charles Grane
Garlande Allen Director
  • Washington University
John M. Beatty Director
  • University Of Minnesota
Jane Ann Maienschein Director
  • Arizona State University
Jim Collins Instructor
  • Arizona State University
Karen Rader Instructor
  • Princeton University
Judy Schloegel Instructor
  • Indiana University
James Strick Instructor
  • Arizona State University
Rachel Ankeny Instructor
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Keith Benson Instructor
  • University Of Washington
Donna Bozzone Instructor
  • St. Michael's College
Fred Churchill Instructor
  • Indiana University
Paul Farber Instructor
F.L. Holmes Instructor
  • Yale University
Kenneth Schaffner Instructor
  • George Washington University
Ziemba Instructor
Ilya Farber Student
Arthur M Silverstein Student
James A Marcum Student
  • Houghton College
Ronald Overmann Student
Sylvia Mcgrath Student
Clark Sawin Student
  • Tufts University
David Castle Student
  • University Of Guelph
Lisa Gannett Student
Fred Grinnell Student
  • University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Jill Cooper Student
Steve Cross Student
Fritz Davis Student
Otneil Dror Student
Erika Ellis Student
  • Princeton University
Steve Fifield Student
Gerard Fitzgerald Student
Tom Gariepy Student
  • Stonehill College
Patricia Gossel Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Larry Holmes Student
Christine Keiner Student
Karin Matchett Student
Greg Morgan Student
Steve Pemberton Student
Gail Schmitt Student
Rena Selya Student
41 total attendees representing 16 institutions.

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