Physiology: Cellular And Molecular Biology 1991

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1991 Physiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Thomas D Pollard Director
  • Johns Hopkins University
Katherine Wilson Faculty
  • Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine
Roy Parker Faculty
  • University Of Arizona
Murray Stewart Faculty
  • Mrc
Kathrine Pollard Faculty
  • Pomona College
Edwin Taylor Faculty
  • University Of Chicago
Robert Jensen Faculty
  • Johns Hopkins Medical School
John R Jordan Faculty
  • University Of Utah
Katherine I Swenson Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
Cynthia Stauffacher Faculty
  • Purdue University
Stephen Parsons Faculty
  • Universityof North Carolina
  • University Of North Carolina
Laura Machesky Faculty
  • Johns Hopkins Medical School
Andrew Murray Faculty
  • University Of California San Francisco
Edward Ted Salmon Faculty
  • University Of North Carolina
Antony Galione Faculty
  • Oxford University
William Busa Faculty
  • Johns Hopkins University
Jonathan Mcmenamin-Balano Faculty
  • Nyu School Of Medicine
Alexander Mcdougall Student
  • University College Of London
Evelyn Rider Student
  • Ucla Medical Center
Susan Safley Student
  • Emory University
Eugene Kim Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Homero Rey Student
  • University Of California Berkeley
Mark Barreuther Student
  • Wesleyan University
Richard Sucgang Student
  • Columbia University
Siew Ho Student
  • Harvard University
Rodney Brundage Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Stuart Calderwood Student
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Mark Pirner Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Puneet Opal Student
  • Northwestern University
Penny Post Student
  • Carnegie Mellon University
Cianna Cooper Student
  • Boston University
Brian Romias Student
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Jeffrey Cruz Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Andreas Hoenger Student
  • University Of Basel Mueller Institute
Richard Kowalski Student
  • Vanderbilt University
Timothy Jinks Student
  • Princeton University
Rudolf Oldenbourg Student
  • Mbl
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Miguel Holmgren Student
  • Chicago Medical School
  • University Of Health Sciences Chicago Medical School
David Sherwood Student
  • Duke University
Julia Wulfkuhle Student
  • Purdue University
Maura Mcgrail Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Martin Murphy Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Catherine Asleson Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Robert Morris Student
  • Harvard University
Anthony Maranto Student
  • Tufts Medical School And St Elizabeths Hospital
Karen Schnetzer Student
  • Georgia Institute Of Technology
Elizabeth Smith Student
  • Emory University
Carrie Baker Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Susanne Bockholt Student
  • University Of North Carolina
Hana Yaari Student
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Henry Kaminski Student
  • Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Andreas Bremer Student
  • University Of Basel Mueller Institute
John Cooper Student
  • Suny Buffalo
53 total attendees representing 43 institutions.

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