Zoology 1909

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1909 Zoology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Henry J Spencer Instructor
  • Columbia University
John William Scott Instructor
  • Westport High School
Winterton Conway Curtis Instructor
  • University Of Missouri
Edward E Wildman Instructor
  • Central High School
Frank J Osborne Student
  • University Of Rochester
Helen A Leonard Student
  • Vassar College
Harold B Ogden Student
  • Park College
Ralph J Gilmore Student
  • Lehigh University
W T M Forbes Student
  • Clark University
Mary Nicholson Student
  • Western College
Charlotte Farnham Student
  • High School
Laura P Wells Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Leslie H Redelings Student
  • Northwestern University
Florence A Watters Student
  • Smith College
Mary M Bryan Student
  • Mary Institute
Jospeh Goldberger Student
  • Hygienic Laboratory
Eugenie Sterling Student
F B Iseley Student
  • University Of Oklahoma
Ernest E Just Student
  • Howard University
Albert H Wright Student
  • Cornell University
Charlotte K Gannett Student
  • Vassar College
Frederick F Russell Student
  • Army Medical Museum
Helen Dorothy Clarke Student
George Dwight Franklin Student
  • American Museum Of Natural History
Sarah R Anderson Student
Ruth J Stocking Student
  • Womans College
Marion K Ober Student
  • High School
Henrietta Prentiss Student
  • Normal College
Lewis Stiles Gannett Student
  • University Of Rochester
Francis M Root Student
  • Oberlin College
C J V Pettibone Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Ida M Mellen Student
Margaret B Abbott Student
Chester J Farmer Student
  • Harvard Medical School
M Elizabeth Bayer Student
  • Womans College
Mabel Belt Student
  • Womans College
George C Leavitt Student
  • University Of Maine
Charles D Reid, Jr Student
  • Johns Hopkins Medical School
Ada Ruso Student
  • Oberlin College
Benjamin R Showalter Student
  • Steele High School
40 total attendees representing 28 institutions.

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