Systematics-Ecology Program 1967

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1967 Systematics-Ecology Program


Name Role Affiliation URI
Hazel Santos Administrative Assistant
Ruth Von Arx Artist
Linda Rogers Artist
Paul Shave Biophotographer And Field Unit
James Ostergard Captain
William Randolph Taylor Consultant
  • University Of Michigan
Peter Schwamb Curator
Johanna Reinhart Curator
Melbourne R Carriker Director
  • Systematics Ecology Program
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Allan Michael Graduate Research Trainee
James R Sears Graduate Research Trainee
William D Hummon Graduate Research Trainee
Leland Pollock Graduate Research Trainee
William Cobb Graduate Research Trainee
William Summers Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
Joseph Simon Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
David Young Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
Barry Wade Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
Michael Ghiselin Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
Thomas J M Schopf Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Eva Montiero Program Secretary
Charles Mckay Research Assistant
George Lilly Research Assistant
Richard Mcgrath Research Assistant
Carol Kourtz Research Assistant
Marilyn Zeigler Research Assistant
James Boyce Research Assistant
Penny Pinter Research Assistant
Jon Macdonald Research Assistant
Bruce Found Research Assistant
H Suzanne Bolton Research Assistant
Paula Moglini Research Assistant
Janis Speel Research Assistant
Armand Roberge Research Assistant
Dirk Van Zandt Research Assistant
Stuart Santos Research Assistant
Katherine Hobson Research Assistant
Harold Marsh Research Assistant
Judy Murphy Research Assistant
Anne Smarsh Research Assistant
  • Va Hospital
Stephen Lipson Research Assistant
Betsy Palmer Research Assistant
David C Grant Resident Biologist, Assistant Director And Chief Diver
  • Systematics Ecology Program
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Roger Green Resident Ecologist
Victor Zullo Resident Systematist
  • Systematics Ecology Program Marine Biology Laboratory
Louise Bush Visiting Investigator In Residence
Howard H Chauncey Visiting Investigator In Residence
  • Research In Oral Diseases Veterans Administration Central Office
  • Research In Oral Diseases Veterans Administraction And Tufts University
Gary Charlton Visiting Investigator In Residence
Harold Plough Visiting Investigator In Residence
Edwin T Moul Visiting Investigator In Residence
  • Rutgers University
Donald Zinn Visiting Investigator In Residence
Frank Eric Round Visiting Investigator In Residence
  • University Of Bristol
Robert T Wilce Visiting Investigator In Residence
  • University Of Massachusetts
Ralph Brinkhurst Visiting Investigator In Residence
Edward Bousfield Visiting Investigator In Residence
Philip Person Visiting Investigator In Residence
  • Veterans Administration Hospital
  • Special Research Laboratory For Oral Tissue Metabolism Va Hospital
Madelene E Pierce Visitor
Madeline Burbanck Visitor
Samuel Mozley Visitor
William Burbanck Visitor
Wendell Patton Visitor
61 total attendees representing 12 institutions.

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