Biomedical Informatics I 2008

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Year Course Group
2008 Biomedical Informatics


Name Role Affiliation URI
James Cimino Course Director
  • National Institutes Of Health
Christopher Cimino Faculty
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Alexa Mccray Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
Kathi Canese Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Joyce Mitchell Faculty
  • University Of Utah
Lawrence Kingsland Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Suzanne Bakken Faculty
  • Columbia University
Michael Ackerman Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
David Remsen Faculty
  • Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Clement Mcdonald Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Zohara Cohen Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
Kevin Johnson Faculty
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Rita Kukafka Faculty
  • Columbia University
William Hammond Faculty
  • Duke University
Donald Lindberg Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Joan Ash Faculty
  • Oregon Health And Science University
Elizabeth Whipple Student
  • Indiana University School Of Medicine
Nancy Hardt Student
  • House Of Representatives
John Gossey Student
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
Jeffrey Terrell Student
  • University Of Michigan
Laurie Davidson Student
  • Dahlgren Memorial Library
Rosaline Odom Student
  • Atlanta University Center
Debra Berlanstein Student
  • University Of Maryland Baltimore
Catherine Lai Student
  • Thomson Healthcare
Matthew Hackenberg Student
  • Geisinger Health System
Linda Schwartz Student
  • Lehigh Valley Hospital And Health Network
Erwin Brian Tan Student
  • Divine Shepherd Medical Center
Rajeev Joshi Student
  • Shree J Hospital
Perry Mostov Student
  • Ohio State University
James Sheffield Student
  • Memorial Hermann
Maria Dolores Mangubat Student
  • Flushing Hospital Medical Center
Priscilla Stephenson Student
  • Gv Sonny Montgomery Va Medical Center
William Lubega Student
  • Makerere University
Monina Lahoz Student
  • Massachusetts College Of Pharmacy
Christopher Williams Student
  • Nonprofit Health Care Quality Improvement
  • Georgetown University
Richard Bordowitz Student
  • Mount Sinai School Of Medicine
Susan Robishaw Student
  • Geisinger Health System
Ismaila Jibrin Student
  • Griffin Hospital
Maryanne Pfeifer Student
  • Lehigh Valley Hospital And Health Network
Kachi Illoh Student
  • University Of Texas Medical School At Houston
Laura Hickerson Student
  • Valley View Hospital
Jean Song Student
  • University Of Michigan Ann Arbor
David Beuther Student
  • National Jewish Medical And Research Center
Katherine Mcconnell Student
  • University Of Toronto
Cynthia Mitchell Student
  • Colorado State University Libraries
45 total attendees representing 38 institutions.

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