Biomedical Informatics I 2007

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2007 Biomedical Informatics


Name Role Affiliation URI
Christopher Cimino Course Director
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
James Cimino Course Director
  • Columbia Univeristy
  • Columbia University
Alexa Mccray Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
Kathi Canese Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Joyce Mitchell Faculty
  • University Of Utah
Chris Dematos Faculty
  • Mbl
Lawrence Kingsland Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Suzanne Bakken Faculty
  • Columbia University
Michael Ackerman Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
David Remsen Faculty
  • Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Kevin Johnson Faculty
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Rita Kukafka Faculty
  • Columbia University
William Hammond Faculty
  • Duke University
Annette Nahin Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Donald Lindberg Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Joan Ash Faculty
  • Oregon Health And Science University
Christopher Newth Student
  • Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Eduardo Mendez Student
  • Cincinnati Childrens Medical Center
Kitty Wrigley Student
  • St Johns Hospital
Gerges Seifen Student
  • Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
Gaurav Nagrath Student
  • Louisiana Public Health Institute
David Little Student
  • Wright State University School Of Medicine
Rachel Walden Student
  • Eskind Biomedical Library
Linda Lee Student
  • Duke University
Siobhan Champ-Blackwell Student
  • Creighton University
Lynne Joshi Student
  • Alfred I Dupont Hospital For Children
Julie Schneider Student
  • University Of Wisconsin Madison
Brian Wooton Student
  • Indian Health Service
Ann Teresa Cusenza Student
  • Corbett Accel Healthcare
  • Guidenz Group
Katherine Stemmer Frumento Student
  • Greenwich Hospital
Stephen Ruberg Student
  • Eli Lilly And Company
Kathryn Kerdolff Student
  • Louisiana State Univ Health Sciences Center
Jaclyn Randel Student
  • Oakwood Hospital And Medical Center
Rebecca Pernell Student
  • Thomas Jefferson University
William Greeley Student
  • Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia
John Bober Student
  • University Of Kansas School Of Medicine
Margaret Holm Student
  • Md Anderson Cancer Center
  • University Of Texas
Lauren Maggio Student
  • Boston University Medical Center
Carrie Iwema Student
  • Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine
Denise Lupp Student
  • United States Army Medical Research Institute
Pamela Charney Student
  • State University College At Oneonta
John Milberg Student
  • United States Department Of Health And Human Services
Ross Siemers Student
  • Hubert H Humphrey Cancer Center
Scott Welsh Student
  • Middlesex Hospital
David Haggstrom Student
  • Indiana University School Of Medicine
Lisa Lubomski Student
  • Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine
46 total attendees representing 42 institutions.

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