Analytical And Quantitative Light Microscopy 2012

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2012 Analytical And Quantitative Light Microscopy


Name Role Affiliation URI
Wendy Salmon Course Coordinator
  • Whitehead Institute
David Wolf Course Director
  • Radiation Monitoring Devices
Jason Swedlow Course Director
  • University Of Dundee
Greenfield Sluder Course Director
  • University Of Massachusetts Medical School
Chris Dunsby Faculty
  • Imperial College London
Jagesh Shah Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
Graham Dempsey Faculty
  • Harvard University
Michael Davidson Faculty
  • Florida State University
Johannes Schindelin Faculty
  • University Of Wisconsin
John Murray Faculty
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Louis Hodgson Faculty
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Justin Taraska Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
  • Nhlbi
Edward Ted Salmon Faculty
  • University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Kevin Eliceiri Faculty
  • University Of Wisconsin
Khuloud Jaqaman Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
Rajan Gurjar Lecturer
  • Radiation Monitoring Devices
Elizabeth Williams Lecturer
  • Rockefeller University
Alexey Khodjakov Lecturer
  • Wadsworth Center
Rudolf Rottenfusser Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Microimaging Llc
Jenny Tam Lecturer
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Breea Govenar Student
  • Rhode Island College
Katharina Schleicher Student
  • University Of Dundee
Maria Ioannou Student
  • Mcgill University
Eric Roberts Student
  • Rhode Island College
Luke Hammond Student
  • University Of Queensland
Eileen Mazzochette Student
  • Stanford University
Jennifer Fitch Student
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
G W Gant Luxton Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Guillermo Lehmann Mantaras Student
  • Weill Cornell Medical College
Dawit Jowhar Student
  • Vanderbilt University
James Hazel Student
  • University Of Wyoming
Sarah Schreiner Student
  • Yale University
Remziye Doger Student
  • Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile
Christian Raiss Student
  • University Of Twente
Jason Duncan Student
  • Willamette University
Lasse Hildebrandt Student
  • Inano
Matthew Wawersik Student
  • College Of William And Mary
Stefanie Novak Student
  • University Of Arizona
Constantin Takacs Student
  • Rockefeller University
Larissa Williams Student
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Aleister Saunders Student
  • Drexel University
Vanesa Ramseyer Student
  • Henry Ford Health Systems
Christian Nelson Student
  • Brown University
Emma Coddington Student
  • Willamette University
Judith Antoine-Bertrand Student
  • Mcgill University
Jan Sumerel Student
  • Rambus Inc
Sarah Creed Student
  • University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Jonathon Keeney Student
  • University Of Colorado Denver
Hoda Sharifian Student
  • Institute Of Biochemistry
James Dodgson Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Andres Perez Bay Student
  • Weill Medical College Of Cornell University
Ellen Arena Student
  • Institut Pasteur
Morgan Stanton Student
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Stephen Douthwright Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Massachusetts Medical School
Joseph Georges Teaching Assistant
  • Bni Asu Center For Preclinical Imaging
Desiree Spiering Teaching Assistant
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Sebastien Besson Teaching Assistant
  • Wellcome Trust Center For Gene Regulation And Expression
Michael Porter Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Dundee
Cassandra Rogers Teaching Assistant
  • Childrens Hospital Boston
59 total attendees representing 48 institutions.

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