Electron Microscopy In The Biological Sciences 1981

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1981 Electron Microscopy In The Biological Sciences


Name Role Affiliation URI
Mark Willingham Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • National Institutes Of Health
Susan Houghton Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
Lee Peachey Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Pennsylvania
John Waterbury Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Thomas Hohman Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • National Institutes Of Health
Keith Roberts Porter Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Colorado
Donald Eugene Copeland Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Gillian Coombs Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Blair Bowers Instructor-In-Chief
  • National Institutes Of Health
Morton Maser Instructor-In-Chief
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Joanne Murphy-Ullrich Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Anita Hessler Student
  • University Of California San Diego
Thomas Eells Student
  • Mary Imorgene Bassett Hospital
Jean Angelo Student
  • Bowman Gray School Of Medicine
Philip Mladenov Student
  • Mount Allison University
Katherine Fite Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Thomas L Jordan Student
  • Dillard University
Arthur Battista Student
  • New York University Medical School
Pamela Bryer Student
  • Bowdoin College
Michael Hall Student
  • University Of California School Of Medicine Los Angeles
Judith Thomas Student
  • North Carolina State University
Paul E Gallant Student
  • National Institute Of Mental Health
  • National Institutes Of Health
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