Gene Regulatory Networks 2011

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2011 Gene Regulatory Networks


Name Role Affiliation URI
Megan Martik Course Assistant
  • Duke University
Eric H Davidson Course Director
  • California Institute Of Technology
David Mcclay Course Director
  • Duke University
Marianne Bronner-Fraser Faculty
  • California Institute Of Technology
William Longabaugh Faculty
  • Institute For Systems Biology
Isabelle Peter Faculty
  • California Institute Of Technology
Ellen Rothenberg Faculty
  • California Institute Of Technology
Stephen Small Faculty
  • New York University
Oliver Hobert Faculty
  • Columbia University
Michael Levine Faculty
  • University Of California
Gary Stormo Faculty
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Hamid Bolouri Faculty
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Haruka Nakagawa Student
  • Keio University School Of Medicine
Damian Dalle Nogare Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Daniel Ibrahim Student
  • Berlin Brandenburg Center For Regenerative Therapies
Molly Megraw Student
  • Duke University
Ruben Dries Student
  • Catholic University Of Leuven
Andrea Ramos Student
  • University Of Michigan
Evgeny Kvon Student
  • Research Institute Of Molecular Pathology Imp
Zbynek Kozmik Student
  • Institute Of Molecular Genetics
Mitra Mojtahedi Student
  • University Of Calgary
Lori O'brien Student
  • Harvard University
David Molnar Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Jacob Musser Student
  • Yale University
Nikolaus Obholzer Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Ezzat El-Sherif Student
  • Kansas State University
Sang Wook Cha Student
  • Cincinnati Childrenas Hospital Medical Center
Benjamin Backfisch Student
  • Max F Perutz Laboratories
Julia Boughner Student
  • University Of Saskatchewan
Bushra Gorsi Student
  • University Of Utah
Amanda Simcox Student
  • Ohio State University
Ying Qi Shirleen Soh Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Magdalena Koziol Student
  • Yale University
Samuel Pevzner Student
  • Boston University
Hanh Vu Student
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Rossella Annunziata Student
  • Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn Di Napoli
Jiyang Yu Student
  • Columbia University
37 total attendees representing 30 institutions.

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