Embryology: Concepts And Techniques In Modern Developmental Biology 2013

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2013 Embryology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Amelia Wright Course Assistant
  • Oberlin College
Caroline Jones Course Assistant
  • Long Island University Global
Samantha Jones Course Assistant
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado Course Director
  • Stowers Institute
  • Hhmi
Richard Behringer Course Director
  • Md Anderson Cancer Center
Andres Collazo Faculty
  • House Research Institute
Elke Ober Faculty
  • National Institute For Medical Research
Tatjana Piotrowski Faculty
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
David Sherwood Faculty
  • Duke University
Andrea Streit Faculty
  • Kings College London
Athula Wikramanayake Faculty
  • University Of Miami
Robert Krumlauf Faculty
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Eric Ross Faculty
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Raymond E Keller Faculty
  • University Of Virginia
Matthew Ronshaugen Faculty
  • University Of Manchester
Robert Zeller Faculty
  • San Diego State University
Jonathan J Henry Faculty
  • University Of Illinois
Nipam Patel Faculty
  • Uc Berkeley
Paul Trainor Faculty
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Brigitte Galliot Faculty
  • University Of Geneva
Elaine C Seaver Faculty
  • University Of Florida
Richard Harland Faculty
  • Uc Berkeley
Steven Farber Lecturer
  • Carnegie Institution
Clare Baker Lecturer
  • University Of Cambridge
Marianne Bronner Lecturer
  • California Institute Of Technology
Allan Spradling Lecturer
  • Carnegie Institution For Science
Detlev Arendt Lecturer
  • Embl
Gerald Thomsen Lecturer
  • Stony Brook University
Judith Kimble Lecturer
  • University Of Wisconsin
David Mcclay Lecturer
  • Duke University
Lori Sussel Lecturer
  • Columbia University
Billie J Swalla Lecturer
  • University Of Washington
Lee Niswander Lecturer
  • Univ Of Colorado Denver
Bernie Degnan Lecturer
  • University Of Queensland
Alexander Schier Lecturer
  • Harvard University
Maryrose Franko Lecturer
  • Hhmi
Roberto Mayor Lecturer
  • University College London
John Wallingford Lecturer
  • University Of Texas
Claudio Stern Lecturer
  • Ucla
Daniel Rokhsar Lecturer
  • University Of California
Iswar Hariharan Lecturer
  • University Of California Berkeley
Joel Rothman Lecturer
  • Uc Santa Barbara
Christine Rushlow Lecturer
  • New York University
Michael Shapiro Lecturer
  • University Of Utah
Eric Wieschaus Lecturer
  • Princeton University
Sophie Miller Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Alice Accorsi Student
  • University Of Modena And Reggio Emilia
Busra Ozpolat Student
  • University Of Maryland
Mary Colasanto Student
  • University Of Utah
Elizabeth Schock Student
  • Cincinnati Childrenas Hospital Medical Center
Emily Mis Student
  • Yale University
Kathryn Mcclelland Student
  • Institute For Molecular Bioscience
Amy Shyer Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Tetsuto Miyashita Student
  • University Of Alberta
Wiebke Wessels Student
  • Arc Centre Of Excellence For Coral Reef Studies
Wei Wang Student
  • University Of Alabama
Ezgi Kunttastatli Student
  • Carnegie Mellon University
Nathan Kenny Student
  • Oxford University
Allison Edgar Student
  • Duke University Medical Center
Jong Park Student
  • University Of Washington
Jeronimo Miranda-Rodriguez Student
  • Instituto De Biotecnologia
  • Unam
Lisandro Maya-Ramos Student
  • University Of California
Brijesh Kumar Student
  • Iitkanpur
Lara Linden Student
  • Duke University
Kazutaka Hosoda Student
  • Kyoto University
Poulomi Ray Student
  • Clemson University
Misty Riddle Student
  • University Of California
Sophia Tintori Student
  • University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Georgina Stooke-Vaughan Student
  • University Of Sheffield
Ryan Null Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California
Andrea Wills Teaching Assistant
  • Stanford University
Angelo Iulianella Teaching Assistant
  • Dalhousie University
Heather Bruce Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California
Danielle De Jong Teaching Assistant
  • Whitney Laboratory For Marine Bioscience
Christopher Pineda Teaching Assistant
  • San Francisco State University
Mei I Chung Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Anneliese Norris Teaching Assistant
  • Kings College London
Adam Schindler Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University
Justin Bosch Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California
Victoria Hurless Teaching Assistant
  • San Diego State University
Chenbei Chang Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Alabama At Birmingham
Marina Venero Galanternik Teaching Assistant
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Marta Truchado Garcia Teaching Assistant
  • Universidad Autonoma De Madrid
Longhua Guo Teaching Assistant
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Heather Marlow Teaching Assistant
  • Embl Heidelberg
Sarah Elliott Teaching Assistant
  • Stowers Institute For Medical Research
Antje Fischer Teaching Assistant
  • Mbl
Amanda Barlow Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Wisconsin
Jordi Cayuso Teaching Assistant
  • Mrc Nimr
Lingyu Wang Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Miami
Megan Martik Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University
Frank Stellabotte Teaching Assistant
  • House Research Institute
Erin Jarvis Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California
David Matus Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University
Federica Bertocchini Teaching Assistant
  • Ibbtec
Deirdre Lyons Teaching Assistant
  • Duke University
Anne Marie Ladouceur Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Montreal
97 total attendees representing 70 institutions.

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